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How I Play: Guide to Mastering - Dante

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Dante is a very technical and stylish character with quick  □ attacks and is slightly faster than average in terms of movement speed, so he is able to catch and follow up with some nice attacks.


Dante's major combos need great timing (the ones in the corner). Without great timing, you won't be able to completely use Dante at his best.


He is great with combos when the oppenent is in the corner. Push them back with short hop to ↓ O and follow it with → O (cancel this with an attack if necessary). Playing aggressive is a part of his game and once the opponent is in the corner, he can deal some pretty great combos. Also using the □ at the end of his □(x4) combo attacks will launch the opponent across the screen. However comboing into his Super 2 should be done midscreen.


Dante can cancel his combos with various moves allowing him to mix up and decide what will happen next.


What I've found is that Dante has some lag when it comes to his gun attacks. Though the bullets do multiple hits, it doesn't stun the opponent. Not even after a cancel.





□,  □, □, ↑ □ (hold up), (while midair) □,  □, 

7 Hits, 40 AP 


□,  □, □ (cancel the fourth hit by entering) , (press twice but enter the next command before he does the reload animation),  ↑  O,  (step forward a little and high jump) → □, □, 

19 Hits, 45 AP


(corner only) □,  □, □ (cancel), △ (press twice but enter the next command before he does the reload animation), ↑  O,  (high jump)  □, □, 

19 Hits, 50 AP


(corner only. Knock back attack) → □, △, (cancel) ↑  O, (short hop) □,  □,  

15 Hits, 41 AP 


(corner only) □,  □, □, ↓ □, (quickly enter) ↑  O, (quickly high jump), □,  □, 

12 Hits, 80 AP


Variant 1 (corner only. difficult with the timing. must be exact) ↓ □, □ (while the opponent just begins to descend), ↑ □ (press this a fraction of a second later. delay it a little; don't press it immediately after □), ↑ △ (will rise you to the opponent), ↑ O.

14 Hits, 45 AP


Variant 2 (corner only. must get the timing down for Variant 1 or you will not be able to do this) □,  □, □, ↓ □, □ (while the opponent is descending), ↑ □ (same timing as Variant 1), ↑ △, ↑ O

17 Hits, 55 AP


Variant 3 (corner only. must have the timing down for Variant 2 to do this) (short hop and enter while you descend on the opponent [who needs to be standing on ground level]) → □,  □, □ (all three hits must land), (wait a little after you land. don't enter immediately or your attack will pass over the knocked back enemy because of the hitbox) □,  □, □, ↓ □, □ (while opponent is descending), ↑ □ (same timing as Variant 1), ↑ △, ↑ O

18 Hits, 97 AP


(Super 2 Combo - Midscreen)

→ □, R (immediately after)

2 Hits, 5 AP



Flashy Combos:


(Super 2 - Start in the air on a ground opponent) → □, □, □ (will knock back), R (immediately after)

4 Hits, 15 AP





Dante's → □ knocks the opponent backward whcih makes them vulnerable to anything you can get out. Along with his third attack on a standing opponent (while Dante is midair) → □, □, □.


Pressing □ at the end of his □, □, □, □, combos (in midair and on ground) will fling the opponent across the stage really far and usually into the corner, where Dante can combo best at.


Dante has a great Dash Grab. By tapping → and doing a grab almost right after will increase his grab range a lot (even more than running and grabbing). To know if you have done this correctly, you will see Dante sliding across the floor while in his grabbing animation. 



*All combos were done on Low AP Generation setting against Dante since he is average sized and has a straight posture. Some combos may not work on smaller characters. Also, this guide is meant for 1 v. 1. 


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