Jan 09 2013
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Horrible online experience PAL/OCEANIA

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Is there going to be any fixes to this cluster**bleep** of an online matchmaking system/Online in general?


IDK if it's Oceania only but out of 20 attempts (spanning 5 mins of waiting each time) i may get one game that i'll actually connect to IF I'M LUCKY.

There are no problems on my end; NAT 2, upnp available, high dl speed, wired/wireless, ports open, DMZ as well, tried multiple modems to no avail


I have zero problems with any other game but this and when it was purchased with the intention for a lot of online play with friends, it is extremely lackluster in quality assurance.


I'm not alone here and I'm just wondering if this is going to be resolved since i'd actually like to experience the game as intended, not facing the constant flashing of "SEARCHING FOR OPPONENTS" and my favourite "FAILED TO JOIN ____ PARTY".

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Re: Horrible online experience PAL/OCEANIA

Jan 9, 2013

when i am playing ranked matches , i am waiting about 1 30 min to join a game, and i have nat1 and wired connection , with 30000 / 30000 downlaod and upload.) I thought that's kinda slow...

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