Feb 22 2013
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Horobuz's biweekly #6 results!

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horobuz_sensei/ dabuz (Fat Princess/ EC during GFs)

iiggyxD (Fat Princess/ Toro durings GFs)

lizardheart (Ratchet)

Public_Enemy (Nariko)

5th place tie:
Xaltis (Ratchet, quit in losers)
Fromundaman (Big Daddy/ Good Cole)

7th place tie:
Eternal_Hazard (Raiden)
DTP (Toro)

9th place tie:
Omnisignificance (Big Daddy)
O9N12 (Sackboy)
queenskid06 (Kratos)
kazumaaono (Spike/ Good Cole)

13th place tie:
Cyberman65 (Spike)
caldw19940 (Big Daddy??????????)
lunarxreaper (Nariko)
diamondkab (Parappa)

17th place tie:
Jakkeh (Jak)
paradox-addict (?)
drake_ymcmb (No show)
Dude (?)
Denny (No show)
pyroshrindo3972 (Spike/ Parappa)


1sthorobuz sensei + lizardheart (Evil Cole/ Fat Princess + Ratchet)
2ndiiggyxD + Ryko (Fat Princess + Evil Cole/ Drake)
3rdlolbebo + stalkingflare (raohaek) (Good Cole + Evil Cole)
4thomnisignificance + luigimaxx (Big Daddy + Drake)

5th place tie:
mrJOEneil + Xaltis (Quit during winners)
kazumaaono + pyroshrindo3972 (? + ?)


I think thursday works out well for doing these biweeklies so i'm gonna stick to thursday tournament, I will only do dubz if I get more interest (8+ teams).

I got no feedback or confusion regarding the singles ruleset good or bad, I would LOVE some feedback but FLSS seems to work with a 7 stage list.

Doubles discussion: Kill Limit vs. Stock go go go!

Singles character representation was full of variety which is a good sign for the metagame. Kat was banned because of game breaking glitches and frame drop issues. 

Top 2 was Fat princess + a barely used second main for each Fat Princess.

2 Ratchet's in top 5, both players who are consistent with the character as their solo main.

Public Enemy keeps showing why his Nariko is beastly.

A Big Daddy in 5th and a Big Daddy in 9th still makes no sense to me cause he's a bad character :p Shoutouts to fromundaman and omnisignificance.

The Good Cole craze and Evil Cole craze seem to be gone, with only 2 people using GC as secondaries and 1 barely used EC this entire tournament.

Raiden takes top 7, showing he's still usable post-nerf.

Solo Toro in top 7, a cat does what a Cat wants :D

O9N12 continues to place well while representing Sackboy!

FINALLY we have Queenskid06 Kratos repping in what I believe is his first tournament, considering how stacked this tourney was, 9th is a good showing.

Shoutouts to Kazumaaono continuing a trend of well placing Spikes, I believe this was also his first tournament.

I would like to see some Emmett representation because the character has a lot of potential and he's still new.

Doubles had a lot of Evil Cole Rep which is a bit odd but nice to see.

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Re: Horobuz's biweekly #6 results!

Feb 22, 2013

U WERE IN OUR CHAT. Come promote ur tournament there lol

and chat with us of course

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Re: Horobuz's biweekly #6 results!

Feb 22, 2013
GGs to everyone I played.

Only played GC 5 times all tournament and only 1 of those matches was a win, so pretty much exclusively BD. I need to figure that Ratchet MU out; Ratchet destroyed me this tournament.

Not used to seeing Lizardheart below top 2. That's new XD

Jakkeh/Speed you have a great Jak and were amazing in Brawl; don't give up! I'm sure you'll start beating everyone soon.

Somehow I didn't hit a single EC this tournament. Got 2 Spikes, a Parappa, a Jak, 2 Ratchets and a Toro. Hit a lot of variety this tournament and was pleasantly surprised.

All in all a fun tournament despite a minor hiccup with rules.

Oh by the way, FLSS isn't bad, but I admit it took a bit of time explaining it to people who weren't familiar to the system. That being said, I was consistently playing on the same 3-4 stages.

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Re: Horobuz's biweekly #6 results!

Feb 22, 2013
Well lizard got under third? That is surprising. Meh thursday is hard for me to do though. I would at least make top 5.
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