Mar 08 2013
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Horobuz's biweekly 1v1 #7 results

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1st place (Tie sort of)

stalkingflare (Evil Cole)
lizardheart (Kratos)

While GFs were played out with Stalkingflare being the winner, the matches were so hilariously laggy and unplayable that they agreed first place should be a split. I will put up the matches in a couple days.

3rd:blue_ballz (Nariko, had to leave while waiting in LFs)

4th placeSmiley Surprised9N12 (Sackboy)

5th place tie:
BlueChacho (Drake/ Good Cole, had to leave during LFs)
lolbebo (Good Cole)

7th place tie:
omnisignificance (Motherpimping Big D!)
jabenixem (Drake)

9th place tie:
zToriko (Raiden)
lunarreaper (Nariko)
zakvillain (Drake/ GC/ Kratos)
CalDW19940 (Big Daddy)

13th place tie:
DTP_82 (Toro)
queenskid06 (Kratos)
cjc1922 (DQed in losers for being gone too long)
smash_and_crash (Parappa)

17th place tie:
co1onel-225 (Double DQed)
krymsonskyz (ST/ Raiden/ spike)
dragonsroc (Drake)
tusmbox (Double DQed)
Hidan_the_cool (ST/ Parappa)
kaboomie (Parappa)
ImPaCTxX- (Sackboy)

After having 2 people who left for unknown reasons and got double DQed, I had 21 entrants, a solid number. We did not have many new faces but we had a lot of high level talent like always :) If I were to host a "Newbie Tuesday" series of sort, who would join? (Would obviously only be for new players)

There was a huge amount of diversity in this tourney, with the top 8 consisting of 7 different main characters!

Lizardheart busted out Solo Kratos and finally put the character on the map. (TY Lizard)

An Evil Cole and Nariko seems to always take a couple top spot at tourneys. Same with a Good Cole always seeming to place highly. O9N12 continues to be the only high placing sackboy.

Omnisignificance is too good and needs to pick up a character suited to his skill level :p

2 Drakes in the top 8 is cool, we have trouble getting 2 drake users total in most tourneys.

I ran this tournament a bit sloppy because I was lenient on DQ times and that held the bracket up. From now on I'm gonna be strict on DQs and give players 15 minutes to start their matches unless they are ahead of the bracket or in the case of first round matches, can let me know they will be a bit late.

WFs, GFs (lol) and loser's semis matches were recorded and will be posted online in a couple days.

Like always, feedback is more than appreciated.

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