Feb 21 2013
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Horobuz's Online biweekly #6 starts in a couple hours!

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When: Thursday Feb 21th, SINGLES 7pm Est. DOUBLES at 9pm Est.


1v1 and 2v2 settings
Items are set to OFF
Hazards are set to OFF
Double elimination bracket (If you lose one set, you are not out of the tournament, you must lose two sets to be out of the tournament.)
Normal AP gain
Kat is BANNED due to being full of glitches and having a tendency to cause frame rate drops
If a game goes into overtime, the winner will be determined by overtime.
All sets are played best out of 3 matches.

1v1 is set to 3 stocks

2v2 is set to 6 kill limit

We will being trying out a new method of stage selection called Full List Stage Striking (FLSS)

Stage list:
San Francisco
Practice medium 1
Practice medium 2

Rival Arena is NOT legal because it is known to cause frame drop issues.

How FLSS works: Player/Team 1 (for dispute purposes, P1 is the lower number of the bracket) will "strike" 1 stage. Player/Team 2 will then "strike" 2 stages. Player/Team 1 will "strike" 1 stage. All stages that have been "striked" cannot be played in the set, this leaves 3 stages left, these stages are the only stages playable in the set.

If players cannot agree where to start match 1 out of the 3 stages, Player/Team 2 strikes 1 of the remaining stages, then Player/Team 1 strikes 1 stage, the remaining stage will be played game 1.

The losing Player/Team of round 1 may choose what stage to go to for round 2.

If players agree to a stage before striking and they cannot agree to a stage for game 2/3, striking order is the same but the played stage cannot be "striked".

-A Player/Team coming from the losers bracket in GFs must win 2 sets in order to win the tournament, this is because a Player/Team coming from the winner's bracket has not lost a set while the loser bracket Player/Team is down 1 set.
-All players must announce their character before striking game 1.

-Toro's air stall is banned.
-Using this technique results in forfeiture of the match.

Match Progression:
Loser of round 1 may choose the stage for round 2. Loser of round 2 may choose the stage for round 3.
If winner wants to change character, he must announce it before the loser announces their character but after the stage is chosen.
*Double Blind: If elected. (Both players must tell a neutral third party their character selections)

When reporting results please include the characters used.

I will have a XAT running and it is where the tournament will be run.

I am the TO, I am here to run the tournament in hopes the players have a fun time and the tournament gets run, don't be uncooperative.

If there are any issues during the tournament, do not hesitate to contact me.

I WILL NOT put you in the bracket unless you post in this thread or show up on the Xat the day of the tournament. I ENCOURAGE people to post their interest in this thread.

Last tournament had no complaints about the rules, so I am happy to finally have a pretty solid rule-set. The reason I am attempting to use FLSS is because it reduces the time in between games for stage selection and it ensures "more fair" stages for a set, allowing each player to eliminate 2 stages they do not want to play while keeping the stage list big and preventing the need for an arbitrary "neutral" list. I REALLY WANT FEEDBACK ON FLSS, POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE!

psn: dabuz18
Check out my Youtube channel for high level Allstar matches and eventually other video game gameplay.
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Re: Horobuz's Online biweekly #6 starts in a couple hours!

Feb 21, 2013

Tournament starts in 23 minutes!

psn: dabuz18
Check out my Youtube channel for high level Allstar matches and eventually other video game gameplay.
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