Dec 30 2013
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Heavy Rain rep.

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I know I'm not the only one on the forums who would love a Heavy Rain rep and it's nice to see other enthusiastic fans of the series. I loved Heavy Rain; it was my first Platinum game (also first 'accidental' Plat.). 



But it seems I'm the only fan who'd much rather Scott Shelby as a playable character than Ethan Mars or Norman Jayden. He's the perfect choice. I mean, he IS


the Origami Killer!!!


I was Team Shelby since his first chapter and he quickly became my favorite character in the game so maybe I'm a bit biased but I think Shelby is probably the best suited HR rep for All-Stars.


WATCH THE VIDEO if you're not convinced! Shelby's Sledge Hammer Slam for his Level 1 Super!


(Also, I thought of a Heavy Rain item. Norman Jayden's glasses -- though it'll only work online. You grab it and it'll give your screen a cool VR effect while letting you know what items will spawn and where, allowing you time to be ready for it when it does!)


Okay, I'm done.


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Re: Heavy Rain rep.

Dec 30, 2012

Love your item idea! But i'm in team Jayden, to me he's the most natural "fighter" of the 4 since he's an FBI agent he has some experience of combat training and field experience.


That being said, Scott Shelby can stride into a mansion and kill about 12 guards with one shot each so....props to him. Either way, they'd fit in a little more naturally than Ethan.

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