Dec 14 2012
By: On3_Tw1st3d_Guy Lombax Warrior 180 posts

Has anyone noticed?

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Has anyone noticed that when Sackboy was nerfed his jam session dropped from 25 AP to 10 but the cake dropped from 25 AP to 20 it just stumps me because it seems like he is still earning the same amount of AP losing 5 AP from a 25 AP gaining attack isnt that much. Earlier today while playing 2v2 a Sackboy was able to get his level 3 still just by spamming cake. Im not complaining i just see it that Sackboy can still kind of be spammed with but you can look at it that atleast the AP gainage went down even just a little bit but i would stil keep a good eye on Sackboy players.

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