Nov 24 2012
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Game Lacks Modes.What Would You Like To See?

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I think the games lack of modes hurt it.I played vs my brothers,and after 30-40 minutes felt I'd seen everything.

IF you agree,then share your ideas.If you disagree,share your favorite set up's.


Taking inspiration from Kill Zone,I'd like to see a dynamic mode that changes the rules and type of game as you play.Taking more inspiration from the challenge trials,it could work like this.

The game creates a 3v1 situation.The three player are locked to one of the three attack buttons,whilst the single player has high AP,but can only score with a Lvl2 multi kill.After that it changes into a 2v2 fish match.Because it dynamically changes,it would add a bit of variety the game lacks.



Another mode I'd like would be a PSASBR volleyball mode.Probiblly best in 2v2,the arena would be split in two,and would have a slightly different hue for each team.It would be more Tekken ball than volleyball,but they could spice it up by adjusting the size of the scoring zones.


A bomb tag mode.I take this one from Tony Hawks classic H.O.R.S.E mode,were you must do a higher amount of AP and pass on the bomb.

It could be adjusted for different hit counts over AP,But it could work.



Hope others have some ideas,and hopefully Superbot can look at the feedback ad see if there's anything they could add in future updates or games.

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