Oct 20 2012
By: mman1235 Sackboy 423 posts

GOD **bleep** Host errors ><

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Im sick tired of getting into a game and 1 sec after the match starts it has an host error ><

its almost feels like you got slapped in the face when you are winning than right before the end the host error armmaggadon starts ><!!


I know this is just the beta but if this doesnt get fixed in the full game it will wreck alot the online battles and make them less enjoyable even though they rock Smiley Very Happy


why couldnt it make another player the host? like in games such as COD MW3 where it migrates to a different host when the host leaves ><


or even better they could make a normal difficulty CPU take over his character and fight instead of ruining the entire match ><


if it doesnt get fixed or even gets worse in the full game I will be very dissappointed...its the only bug that I hate about this perfect game Smiley Happy

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