Dec 11 2012
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Forum Needs Categories

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This community forum is a complete mess. Can we please get some categories to organize this please?


Official Section:

-Game News

-Patch Notes


Game Section:

-Gameplay Stories


-Meet and Greet


Technical Help:

-Report bugs




-General PS Allstars Chat

-Other Games chat

-Movies chat




I mean this forum as is sucks... there's just random titles for threads and you never know when there's real news being revealed or just some kid complaining about a character's moveset. Can we please get some love for this thread to hopefully get a moderator to do something?


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Re: Forum Needs Categories

Dec 11, 2012

That's a horrible idea.


There can probably be an exception for technical issues, but you're just asking for dead sub-forums.

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Re: Forum Needs Categories

Dec 13, 2012

Better than idiots posting random threads about nothing. Who cares.. this forum is already dead with it's lack of structure and repeated questions over and over again.

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Re: Forum Needs Categories

Dec 13, 2012
I'm afraid It can only happen when Superbots finally have their own place instead of here, "PS community". I mean, I understand what you want, and I do like your idea, but HELLSAGENT_17 may be right.

Check the Uncharted Community. All sub-sections are dead beside the MP one just because people doesn't know where they are. The dead sections are ignored, and the MP section is getting populated, for that reason.

This place gathers too many noobs and trolls, if you ask me. If you ever need a peaceful and organized place, check my sig.
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