Jan 24 2013
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Forgotten All-stars

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Playstation all-stars

I have I a lot to say about this game. I like it but its not playstation all-stars , it's "ps3 all-stars". There's not a lot of old "ps1" , "ps2" all-stars on here, most or if not all are from ps3 games, so I will like to name some old all-stars that the game forgot about. If I'm wrong let me know or comment thanks.

Crash, lora croft, Spyro, a character from trine, cloud ,tifa or sepheroth. Izio (assassin creed dude) nightmare from soul caliber, a charterer from gauntlet legends, the dude from dark cloud 1, the dude from grand theft auto 3, sora
Someone from fighting force, someone from the bouncer, chick on the mirrors edge game, the dude from castlevania, put like a brother hood dude from fall out, (a twist) that chick from silent hill, hitman, 1 of those hot shots golf people, Titus from FFX, Dart, kongol from-legends of the dragoon,Lubu from dynasty warriors, a alien from destroy all humans, iron ox from devil kings, hanzo from samurai warriors, that dude from genji, Dude from resistance, , jack black , serge from chrono cross,someone from mercenaries,Overlord, prototype, and blood Rayne

Plenty more I know

( not saying put them all on there, but would like to see some on all-stars. I know y'all have to save some for the next installment of the game.)
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Re: Forgotten All-stars

Jan 24, 2013
They need to throw in some digimon too.
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