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Re: For those who are enthusiastic about this game...

Oct 1, 2012

I had always wanted this game. I loved Smash Bros and thought the concept would apply well with Sony's characters. I was so thrilled to hear about 'Title Fight' and even more excited when PSAS was announced (even though I did/still do prefer the old title). It looked great too. 


I thought the gaming community would sharre my enthusiasm but I was wrong. A lot of Nintendo fanboys would go out of their way just to damper down anything related to this game because they were (and some still are) insecure about having another 4player Brawler share the space with their beloved Smash Bros (again, a game I love). A lot of skeptics came up too. 


I never really thought about any of the classic Ps1 era characters being involved. In the beginning I didn't even consider Crash or Spyro showing up. Then some evidence came up for Crash later on (and even more for Snake) and that got me excite--too bad SuperBot let those rumors live on for too long to help hype up their game only to seemingly admit their lack of presence. 


Very excited about all of the characters who are included though--and it's just an extra plus with the 3rd party support (Big Daddy's inclusion suprised me and made me so happy). 


What I've wanted this whole time, though is to kick butt as Nathan Drake and Ratchet and Clank and Sackboy and such--and I'll still get the oppurtunity. After playing the game for myself I know that it is a blast.


Can't wait. 

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Re: For those who are enthusiastic about this game...

Oct 2, 2012

MarrowOchi wrote:

I looked at the title and said


"But...the PS3 has no games"

Smiley Very Happy

i think by now you realise it's not just about the ps3 Smiley Tongue

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