Dec 10 2012
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For Superbot: Character-Bugs

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This is for the developers, I hope they read it. Sorry for no spaces in the text. @everyone else: Get the **bleep** out, I dont want your opinions on whatever!                 

There are some game-breaking character specific bugs that shoul have been wiped out Day 1! 

Fat Princess: The minions stay in the stage after attacking, and as long as they are there Fatty can't use her circle attacks.

Heihachi: Same with Kuma. He stays and is the way sometimes. 

Big Daddy: VERY IMPORTANT: His little sister sometimes doesnt show up for no reason when activating Super 1! (I just missed 6 points because of that again, but still won with 10 kills and 19 points. Good match... But it could have been more!) Anyway this has to be fixed   

Good Cole: Invisible Lightnings on neutral triangle.

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