Nov 15 2012
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For Patapon fans. Moveset and ideas for DLC.

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Okay so the Patapon Uberhero is my most wanted character DLC. I even have his rival picked out, another PSP Icon... Prinny!

Moveset: His moveset would see him swapping bewteen the default class weapons.
So there are three default classes in Patapon 3. A shield (although he's a shield class, the sub classes use swords, clubs, shivs, etc) class, a spear class, and a bow and arrow class. These three classes, and all the sub classes can be incorporated into the face buttons. Triangle= Yumiyachi(Bow and arrow/Also one of the sub classes use a giant Cannon) Square= Taterazay(Shield/Sword attacks) Circle=Yarida(Spear class/Thrown weapons).

I'll show images of all these classes, and sub classes so you can get an idea of how he would work as a character.
Taterazay (Shield/Sword class)

Yumiyachi (Bow and arrow class, sorry think the image is actually of Alosson, they both use bows)


Yarida (Spear class)

I haven't really gotten into a moveset. Definitely been thinking about how it would work. Here's some images of the Uberhero(es) so you folks can get some ideas of how he/they would work.

All the Uberheroes in a wallpaper.




Tondenga (Sub class from Taterazay)


The giant Patapon is a summon, actually the first summon in the game. Possible Super? Hmm.

The default hero in Patapon 2. That mask was synonomous throughout the entire game. I'd even settle for him as the representative, if not, then maybe the mask as a costume?

The three default Patapon 3 classes together.



There is soooo much more I wanted to share, but yeah... Getting tired. Just thought I'd get the ball rolling. I know that Superbot needs to at least get the game out first, but yeah when they talk DLC. Uberhero will be the one I'm requesting.

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Re: For Patapon fans. Moveset and ideas for DLC.

Nov 15, 2012
i've played the first 2,
i wished i got a chance to play the third,
one of my fav psp games,
good luck making the moveset!
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