Jan 07 2013
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Fix Matchmaking a bit

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I am steadily moving from Brown to Black, but literally 95% of my games are with people SIGNIFICANTLY lower rank. I don't lose (as in 3rd or 4th) very often, but I can admit I've gotten a ton of second places either by someone who clearly is better than the rank their at and by spammers who kill the other idiots in my game over and over so I end up just not having the kills to win. 


So basically what I would like to see is much more all brown or red and brown mixes. Instead I have maybe at most 1 other person of equal rank and 2 total noobs. This alone leads to a ton of "loses" (technically at brown and black getting second will almost always cause you to lose rank, so its a loss to me) and its annoying at this point. Having 2 morons feed the only other good player AP because they can't block or dodge properly is lame. Those games are no longer out play the other guys, its gain as much meter off the noobs as possible and use your level 3. Seriosuly 1/5 matches in the past week were against anyone of skill, and the rest I'm facing complete idiots. I figured Brown meant I would be facing ballers all the time, as if you were playing UMVC or SSF4 or P4A or BB or SFxT or literally every game in the world with multiplayer.


I am a 5th lord in UMVC, and I get 1/10 noobs, 9/10 ballers. I would much rather sit in the match que for an extra 3 minutes then have to face another 2 side square spamming kratos' who get 0 kills with their lvl 3. 

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