Oct 27 2012
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First time playing demo

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Had a hard time playing as Jak but started to figure him out after a few times.


Playing against Kratos can be pretty hard, but the other computers never used thier supers. 


My record for the demo would be maybe 1-3.



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Re: First time playing demo

Oct 27, 2012

blueeyedwoman wrote:

but the other computers never used thier supers. 

That's something I want to see in the full game, improved CPUs. Footage I've seen on videos that shows two CPUs, one of which was Nathan Drake. All I saw was him doing his Level 1 Super always & constantly missing. He throws it & never shoots & ends up last place.


I want to see if they have difficult options on CPUs or if they get better as such on Arcade while progressing.

But cool that you play Jak. Each character will get some time to get used to.

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