Nov 21 2012
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First Impression

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Hey guys, so I began to play the game today.

I began with Jak, and i can say he feels underpowered.
 - his level 2 does not have a big enough AOE
 - it takes too long to build to his level 1 for what it is, as he has no big AP gain moves
 - he also does not have any quick moves, making it very hard to interupt others level 1s

Now my brothers played as Kratos and Raiden, ane they beat me first try, as raiden is just way too fast
 - raidens level one needs less duration.

We tried many other characters, and they worked well, i havnt noticed any other faults.

Something i did not notice in the beta, and was un aware of, is that when you are blocking, ther person attacking still gains AP
the reason why this sucks, is that raiden can just continually press square, and sure the fast sword strokes only net him 4 or so AP when you block, but you actually cant escape without him hitting you fully into a combo.

However, on the flipside, after 10 "last games" it can be confirmed that this game is addictively fun
we mostly played 5 stock, and it was just great Smiley Happy well done superbot!
each game a different one of us won, and even my greater knowledge couldnt guaruntee me a win (unless i play as sweet tooth, my beta main) Smiley Tongue

looking forward to more Smiley Happy

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