Feb 23 2013
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Fightstick Users

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Thinking about getting for my fighting games and I got a few questions

Do you guys find it easier to execute combos with a fightstick opposed to the Ps3 controllers?

Would you recommend using a fightstick on characters that aren't combo centric like Sackboy?
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Re: Fightstick Users

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Feb 23, 2013

One thing you should know about fight stick support in this game is that it is very broken. Many users have reported that their fight stick/pad has a specific problem: L2 and R2 buttons don't function at all. SuperBot claims that this isn't a problem with all fight sticks, but quite a few do have this problem. All other buttons work fine, but just know that you'll be playing with 2 buttons less than other people who aren't using fight sticks.


Check out this thread for a list of fight sticks that have been reported to have this problem.


But back on topic. If you're talking about specific characters then yes, a fight stick can definitely help. One character that you'll definitely have an easier time using with a fight stick is Heihachi. Dante's also another character that could benefit from a fight stick; cancelling and changing direction mid combo is just much quicker with a fight stick.


Other characters don't really benefit that much from fight sticks, but it definitely won't hurt if you've used sticks for other fighters.


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Re: Fightstick Users

Feb 24, 2013
Thank you for responding. I actually saw a thread while lurking where pressing triangle, square, circle, and x at the same time will activate your super.

I use Kat and Heihachi at times so that's great. Some of my mains don't really require timing like Sir Dan and Sweet Tooth but I'll try it out anyways
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