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Re: Fat Princess level 3.

Jan 10, 2013
The time I got zero kills with her level 3, the players were really bad and didn't even press the dodge button. They just ran off sandovers edge and got stunned and I thought they would die.... but while sitting there stunned the fireballs kept passing through them and getting no kills and it ended. I also went against a sly and he spammed his teleport skill when I used my level 3 and it wouldn't kill him because of it. I also have issues with Fat P and her level 1 against people who jump a lot. There's just no way to hit with it or confirm it on them and you have to go for a level 2. Her level 3 is just useless though. I basically only use it to confirm kills without risking anything with the chicken.... but I get a medicore amount of kills for it and fall behind since it's so bad.
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