Dec 25 2012
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Every single character complaint + the idiotic reasons why

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This is a list of every silly character complaint on this forum. If i miss any post them in the comment section.


Raiden- Too many set up options, too many combos, gains AP too fast, set ups into level 1 too easy

Fat Princess- Set up into level 1 to easy, chicken op

Kratos- Too much range, generates AP too fast, forward square op, square x3 op

Radec- Dat sniper

Spike- Bananas are cheap, charged swords break shield

Evil Cole- Giga punch sets up into level 1

Cole- Freeze rocket sets up into level 1

Sir Dan- Believe it or not I have seen people complain about his combo into level 1 ;(

Toro- Never seen him complained about

Sackboy- Not complained because he's op (anymore) complained about because his meter is that of a rush down character (via Raiden,Kratos,ect.)

Jak- Blaster has too much range, Blaster is spamable 

Ratchet- Infinite grab,grab into level 1,level one op, spamable moveset

Sweet tooth- I wish I had a link to this topic. The guy was complaining about how sweet tooth used 3 level ones in a row lol xD

Sly cooper- Uninterruptible level 1, counter spamable, electric roll op

Parappa-Microphone Op

Big Daddy-  Drill slam op

Dante- Highest AP generating combos, Empty cancel op

Nariko- Never seen her complained about
Nathan Drake- Run and gun loop, Barrel op

Heihachi- Kuma gets too many kill



and thats from only what i have seen.


It seems like a lot of people don't know what they're doing. I will admit one or two characters on this list do need to be balanced (raiden and kratos maybe. I know the MU so theyre not a problem for me) but not that many characters should be on this list. People need to start learning the MU before heading here and saying things like "____ move is op nerf please" or "____ should not be able to do ____".



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Re: Every single character complaint + the idiotic reasons why

Dec 25, 2012
That's the Fighting Game Community in a nutshell, unfortunately.
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