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Ethan Mars Moveset

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Ethan Mars

Ethan Mars

Ethan Mars is the main protagonist of Heavy Rain.

Up until 2009, Ethan lived an idyllic and happy life as a successfull architecht alongside his loving wife Grace Mars and his two sons, Jason and Shaun Mars. However, Ethan's life took the first of two tragic turns when his son Jason was killed. Heavy Rain focuses on Ethan during the kidnapping of his second son, Shaun Mars.


Square - Toy sword combo (The toy sword from the Jason play fight)

Up Square - An upward sword strike

Down Square - Slides forward

Right Square - A regular strong punch 


Triangle - Grabs a dummy and swings them around (Like Jason when they were playing)

Down Triangle - Jayden appears and throws a AR ball on the ground. (From when he played that AR ball game)

Right Triangle - Jayden appears and throws a AR ball forward and it bounces back against the AR brick wall (An insta 2 hit combo)

Up Triangle - Ethan throws a knife in the air and it can fall (From when he cut his finger off with the knife


Circle - An origami bear appears and roars

Down Circle - Drops origami rat on the ground, and if stepped on, the origami rat becomes big and knocks enemies away.

Right Circle - Origami reptile appears and it swings it's tail forward

Up Circle - A origami crane appears and charges upward


(In Air)

I was going to make air moves but literally almost everyone of his moves could be used in the air. So I'll just make the moves for the ones that can't be used in the air.


Down Square - A body slam to the ground (Kinda like Fat Princesses flop to the ground in air)

Right Triangle - Throws frisbee forward (When Ethan and Jayson threw it around in the park)

Circle - A shark appears and bites and hold the character for a follow-up combo

Right Cirlce - Origami shark charges forward



Level 1 - Pulls out pistol and shoots forward (Also does ricochet that can kill a character that they fly into)

Level 2 - Has hallucinations and calls out Jason's name (Anyone near him dies, kinda like Evil Coles lvl 2)

Level 3 - Everyone appears with ballons and if Ethan touches them they die. (Like how Jason had a red ballon and disappeared when you touched him)


Any thoughts?

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Re: Ethan Mars Moveset

Sep 30, 2012
Good job. If he was in and played like this, he could be interesting. Smiley Happy
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Re: Ethan Mars Moveset

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Oct 28, 2012

If I may throw my two cents in, I don't think that Jayden should be a part of his moveset. Insted, Ethan could smash people with plates like from when set the table for Jason's birthday. The origamis are interesting and I never thought of using them like that. Also, I think his level 3 should be the camera zooms up on him, he has a blackout, and when he wakes up, everyone is dead and he is holding an origami in his hand. It could also rain during the super.


Thanks for watching.
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Re: Ethan Mars Moveset

Sep 30, 2012

Sounds pretty darn good, but change the level 3 to: the opponents running to Ethan while a car drives at high speed, running them over, just like Jason's death.

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