Oct 04 2012
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EB Games Convention Times

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To let everybody know here are the times for each time zone difference from Australia time where the convention is taking place, im doing this so ppl dont ask time it will start like for TGS , 

Eastern Time Difference- 12 hours , example 10:00pm Wednesday, Sydney,Australia 12:00pm Thursday

Central Difference- 13 hours

Mountain Time Diffrence- 14 hours

Pacific Time Difference- 15 Hours


For Europe the time difference will differ depending where u are located expanding from 6-9 hour difference


Hope this helped and answered questions, so look up the times for live show and ect. and just subtract the time from ur zone and thats when it will happen at your time. Have a nice day

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Re: EB Games Convention Times

Oct 4, 2012
Hopefully this will avert future threads asking about the time. Thanks

This means it is 12:46 pm there so only about 24 hours until Omars conference thing. The first one at least

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Re: EB Games Convention Times

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Oct 4, 2012

For those in North America (like me), it should be around Thursday night (which is tomorrow). 

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