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Re: Drake's Barrel Users

Feb 25, 2013

killaKAM938 wrote:

ChaosControlASH wrote:

honestly, every drake user i have encountered do the same stuff, barrel into the gun. it's really annoying and discouraging whenever i face one online in 2v2 ranked matches. 


killaKAM938 wrote:
Lmbo,, that's why I stay offline, I feel your pain they don't play to have, just to win, and spamming gets them there :/. I'm a Drake user and rarely use barrels...smh at them
i know what you mean. and i bet it's refreshing for other players to play against someone like you right? i mained Zelda and Pit in the Smash Bros game and everybody literally told me it was nice and refreshing to play against somebody that didnt spam the Din's Fire or arrows respectively.


Yeah I've actually gotten friend request with attached messages saying, it's great to see a Drake on screen with no barrels. I know how you feel too mate, spammers are the worse, I hate the fire arrow when I wanted to get back on stage lol

nice one. i cant stand spammers, i personally hate it. the way i play, i like to try and utilize all moves, or at least 90% of them. i dont like relying on cheap tactics to win a game.

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