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Dr. Neo Cortex Moveset

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Dr. Neo Cortex is the main antagonist of the Crash Bandicoot franchise of games - while a bumbling doctor from the character's creation, this trait has been exaggerated more and more to become perhaps his dominant character trait. Cortex was far more sinister in the PSX era of Crash - despite being bumbling, he was still an actual force to be feared. Thus, he serves as the final boss in most Crash games - particurally the first and third, in which he is fought upon a jet platform.

Cortex appears in PSABR in this same jet platform - hovering very slightly over the ground, enough to be able to be hit by most attacks - with the exception of stuff like very low hitting attacks (if Sackboy and Toro are immune to high attacks...), still able to be grabbed and whatnot. He has his feet locked into his platform just as in the first Crash game, and thus, it is part of his character model. Cortex has an extra jump due to this.

Idle Stance

Cortex stands hunched on his platform - occasionally adjusting settings on his blaster while chuckling evily.

The platform begins moving forward, small flames coming from the bottom, as Cortex becomes more interested in the match.

Cortex hunches forward with maniacal glee as the platform moves at top speed.

The platform lands on the ground, with Cortex crouching along with it.
Cortex flies in from the background, stopping himself before he flies into the screen - identical to his intro animation in the Crash 1 boss battle.
Cortex clenches his fists at his side, his face turning a bit reddish as smoke blows out of the sides of his head.

Cortex spins on his platform, remarking "Better luck next time!"
Cortex pulls out one of the Power Crystals, magical artifacts in the Crash series, inspecting it before putting it away, chuckling evilly.

Cortex drums his fingers together, chuckling to himself in an evil manner. He faces the screen with an evil expression during the results.

Cortex throws his blaster into the air, catching it as he comes back on, letting out at triumphant "HA!" as he does so. He holds the blaster James Bond-style during the results.
Cortex zooms up in the air on his platform, it spinning in a circle as Cortex laughs manically upon it.

Cortex stomps up and down madly on his platform, like a child - as though his plans were foiled by his irritating opponent.

Circle Moves
Circle: Barrier
A bright blue barrier appears around Cortex  - just slightly bigger than his default shield. It stays up for a small time, before flickering out. Any foes who come in contact with the barrier act are flung back with no AP gain - an actively good way to stop grab attempts when you're moving forward. More importantly, all projectiles that hit your barrier will be reflected off of it - allowing you a decent way to avoiding their projectiles and manipulating your's.

Side Circle: Mean and Green
Cortex shoots out a green ball of energy - it homing in on the nearest foe and traveling towards them at a decent speed, not stopping until it hits something. This will knock them backwards and leave some AP on the ground where they were, giving Cortex an opportunity to go get it. However, this can be reflected and made to home back in on Cortex by simply using any attack on it, dealing the damage and knockback to him.

In addition, it gains a small buff in speed and AP gain everytime it's reflected. As the projectile gets increasingly more dangerous and starts dealing more knockback, the foe will be more frantic to return it - meaning Cortex can occupy them with other things. You can only have 2 of these onscreen at a time, and there's a bit of lag after firing this to prevent you from chaining them too close together.

Up Circle: KABOOM!
Cortex thrusts a mine upwards above his head, shielding his cranium. This acts very well at sending foes upwards and out of Cortex's face, but causes him to lose a little bit of AP if it hits them thanks to...a mine exploding above his head. He can easily recollect the AP, though, as it lands right next to him.

Down Circle: Mine, MINE!
Cortex carelessly tosses three mines behind himself, disposing of them as though they were banana peels - each mine is spaced out from each other in a decently-sized cluster. They explode in 6 seconds, dealing damage to anyone hit by it (and obviously, this triggers earlier if the mines were stepped on). While the use for this is far more situational than most mine traps due to the way he throws it, this is useful for foes behind you - as Cortex largely wants to be approaching foes at all times, he can turn the ground behind him a bit more dangerous for a little while to even things out in his favor.

Square Moves

Square: Cowardly Slap
Cortex looks away and slaps in front of himself for a quick jab that gives Cortex some small AP and knocks the foe a small distance away. By holding this, Cortex will multiple slaps that each deal even less knockback, but this acts an effective way to defend yourself.

Forward Square Attack!
Cortex blasts forward a small purple energy ball from his raygun, it moves forward a good distance, flinching foes and producing a veyr minor bit of AP. As he shoots the energy ball, he moves forward  - with you able to spam this move to make a rapidfire approach with your energy blasts as you move forward. As it is, this is a very bread-and-butter projectile.

Up Square: Up N' Down
Cortex fires a distinct blue energyball at an upwards angle as he recoils backwards a bit. The energyball moves forward, moving up and down as it does so. This deals a good amount of knockback to anyone it hits but is one of your slowest projectiles. The notable thing about it is how quirky it's movement pattern is - as it can either completely avoid a foe or be the bane of their existence, potentially forcing them to dodge/shield, or simply move out of the way to avoid hitting it.

Down Square: Shocker!
Cortex fires a lightning bolt from his blaster at the ground in front of him. If foes are on the ground in front of you, this forces them upwards into the air.

Triangle Moves
Triangle: Smoke and Fire
Cortex faces the screen as his platform chugs out a small cloud of smoke, it staying where this was used for  for 3 seconds. This deals no knockback, but instead causes any characters who step inside the cloud to lose AP by the second without getting knocked back. If you're incompetent enough to have your foes starting chasing you, this will throw them off your back easily. This also acts as a relatively decent aerial maneuver - chugging some smoke to mess up foes in the air. You can only have one smoke cloud onstage.

Forward Triangle: Zigzag
Cortex fires a bright orange ball of energy, which travels forward moving in and out of the background - zigzagging back and forth. This has a surprisng function - if foes are rolling in the background, this is able to hit them. This acts as a cheap but powerful way to get back at your foes, but it moves extremely slow, meaning you'll have to force them to follow along with this.

Up Triangle: Birthday Bomb
Cortex lobs a cartoony bomb above himself with wicked glee, letting out a quip as he does so ("This one's from Tiny...", "That one's from Dingodile!", "Ripper Roo, you shouldn't have!" "Pinstripe, how thoughtful!", "Oh dear, two of the same!"). The bomb travels in an arc, moving above Cortex before crashing down to the ground in front of him. The hitbox is a bit more situational than one would like - though the absurd range on this means that you're able to hit enemies attempting to get over you rather easily, allowing you a form of anti-aerial as you lob your primarily ground-based projectiles at foes.

Down Triangle: Panicked Rushdown
Cortex's platform begins chugging out a very small bit of smoke, telegraphing this, before it starts moving straight in the foe's direction, Cortex desperately holding on to it all the while. It moves small distance before stopping, Cortex now able to attack again. As said, this homes straight in on the foe - while the AP gain is quite nice:, this serves far better as an approaching tool. Throwing yourself at them along with any projectiles that might be in their path already can make quite the hazardous situation...

Cortex grabs the foe, hunching over slightly to do so.

Forward Throw: Launch
Cortex stuffs the foe into an oversized bazooka and shoots them forward - simple enough.
Down Throw: Bring 'em Down
Cortex holds on to the foe and flies upwards, before slamming them down on the ground in front of himself.

Up Throw: Bring 'em Up

Cortex flies upwards before throwing the foe up into the sky.
Super Moves
Level 1 Super: BRIO BEAKER!
Cortex throws one of the green beakers from CTR in front of himself. If it hits a foe before it goes to the ground, they are KOed and the beaker disappears. If the beaker hits the ground, a green pool of slime appears in front of Cortex for a brief moment, killing anyone who steps in it. It only stays for a second but covers a good range.
Cortex shoots out a stream of very fast black projectiles in front of himself. This does not go very far, but can be angled - this is far better up close, though it still has some decent range and can be used to catch retreating foes. You can angle this in any direction during the few seconds he fires the projectiles. The projectiles are obviously instant kills.

Level 3: UKA UKA
Like most level threes, the screen zooms in towards Cortex before we see Uka Uka pop up behind him, accompanied by lighting. Cortex gets on his knees to plead, before Uka Uka speaks - "FOOL! THE GREAT UKA UKA SHALL BE THE ONE TO WIPE OUT THESE FOOLS!". The screen zooms back out as the Crash Bandicoot 3 Final Boss Theme begins to play. You remain Cortex, attacking normally - while Uka Uka stays on the field to fight. He moves about, ripping boulders from the background to hurl at foes at an extremely fast speed - these instantly killing foes upon hit, much like most other level threes. If he gets close enough to a foe, he will attempt to latch on to them. If not dodged, Uka possesses them and goes on their face like a mask, running around and attacking foes, though still summoning boulders to make the most of the level 3. Uka will even waste that character's super meter if they have a level 1 or 2, with the kill credit for it going to Cortex. Uka will leave someone's face at any time. After some time, Uka leaves the match with a deep laugh.
Voice Responses
When Selected:
"I'm an evil scientist - what do you expect!"
"Ooh, this should be FUN!"
"This time, I shall reign triumphant!"
"Let's start handing out the presents!"
"*evil chuckling*"
Item Pick-Up:
"Oooooohhh....what does this one do?"
"Inferior to my own technology, but nevertheless..."
"This one looks...diabolical!"
"I think we have a winner!"
"How interesting..."
"Let's see what this does!"
Sucessful KO:
"This isn't a game, you know."
"...I meant to do that!"
"Pain, destruction, tragedy - how delightful!"
"Let's see you do better than that!"
"You're even dumber than that wretched bandicoot!"
"And do you really think you could ever beat me?"
"I must thank Brio later!" (level 1 exclusive)
"Ooooohhhh, that gun is certainly working." (level 2 exclusive)
"Be glad he was generous with you..." (level 3 exclusive)

"...Can't we talk about this?"
"Can't keep a good evil scientist down!"
"Oh dear, was that supposed to hurt? ...because it did."
"Please me more reasonable next time..."
"Why must you always muck in my mud!?"
"Like the fleas in your fur, I keep coming back!"
"Will this suffering NEVER END?"
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Re: Dr. Neo Cortex Moveset

Nov 26, 2012

Very well made, good job, he sounds like a fun character to use.

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Re: Dr. Neo Cortex Moveset

Nov 26, 2012

Thank you. That's good, especially for my first PSABR set.

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Nov 26, 2012

I have been a huge fan of the Crash series, they were my childhood. I like the way you created Cortex's move set and how you got some of the quotes from the different Crash games. Though as a fan, I have seen one slight error you made on your post. You said Cortex is fought on his jet platform on all 3 original games. Thats incorrect, he is fought on a jetpack in the second one and is not really much of a final boss as in the third game were he becomes more difficult to defeat, mainly because of Uka-Uka and Aku-Aku fighting too.

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Re: Dr. Neo Cortex Moveset

Nov 26, 2012

bravo sir!.  crash bandicoot was the reason i bought a playstation to begin with. i still have crash 1, 2, 3, racing, and bash.  i love this moveset.  i have one other condition though.  He has to be voiced by Clancy Brown like he was in the ps1 era crash games.  That man just brought cortex to life and made him sound diabolical, refined, yet at the same time kind of silly.  Great work!

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Re: Dr. Neo Cortex Moveset

Nov 26, 2012

Good work dudeSmiley Happy

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Re: Dr. Neo Cortex Moveset

Nov 27, 2012
Thanks for the comments! and i've fixed the mentioned error - I forgot about the CB2 boss battle completely.
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