Sep 29 2012
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Don't be upset guys

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Don't be upset everyone I know exactly what super bot is doing they are making people lose hope on the game and when everyone is about to give up on the game super bot will probably do a big reveal other gaming companies have done this before 

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Re: Don't be upset guys

Sep 29, 2012

Umm I'm not a marketing genius but why would I want people to make fun of my game, rip on it, and tease it. At the last minute when it is probably to late for redemption, I try and come back? That would make it seem like I'm desperate for attention lol. I don't think that is the plan. I just think they need to COMMUNICATE more. 


I don't care if Cloud is in the game or not for redemption. Once I give up on a game I give up. I love this game as much as the next guy but I can only take so much BS before I say "forget this game and forget getting my money." So yeah that's bad marketing in a nutshell right there.

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