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Re: Does seeing a character confirmed...

Nov 17, 2012
Yes actually. When Nathan was confirmed I decided to try the Uncharted series, and boy was i not disappointed. Now I want Drake as one of my mains and I've recently bought the Jak and Daxter collection and replayed all the games.
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Re: Does seeing a character confirmed...

Nov 17, 2012
Yes...i like and appreciate all characters in PSAS now due to them being in the game
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Re: Does seeing a character confirmed...

Nov 17, 2012

True on all accounts, it's just something in knowing these "new to you" characters are going to be interacting with characters that you already know and love, it's new and exciting, and makes you want to know more about these characters. It's one of my favorite aspects of games in general (Cross-overs are my crack) like some sort of web it starts with a crossover that includes atleast one character you know and trickles down into all these other games you may or may not have played. I do the same thing with music and movies, like when a band I enjoy releases a cover album, I find myself increasingly interested in the bands they covered, and proceed to get their albums. Also if I watch a movie I really enjoy I will familiarize myself with other movies that were made by the same director/studio. I want to know/love it all because I love games Smiley Happy


Here is my list


God Of War- Played the original back in the day, loved it, but didn't get any of the sequels. Since PSASBR was announced I have played GOW2.

Fat Princess- Still haven't bought her game

Cole- Got inFAMOUS for free from when the whole server fiasco happened, I loved it, but still don't have 2.

Heihachi- I've played every Tekken before PSASBR, and got TT2 on release day, fantastic games.

Toro- Can't play any of his own games, but that didn't stop me from playing as him against Heihachi, Cole, and Ryu in Street Fighter X Tekken

Parrapa- Played a demo back in the day, haven't beaten any of his games.

Radec- Played Killzone back on PS2, since PSASBR I've beaten KZ2

Big Daddy- Bioshock fan since day 1, can't wait for infinite.

Drake- Still haven't played an Uncharted

Sweet Tooth- Owned TM2 on PS1, and got the reboot, one of my favorite couch multiplayer games.

Sly Cooper- Yet to play a Sly game.

Jak & Daxter- Played either 2 or 3 a long time ago. Because of PSASBR I'm getting the HD collection soon.

Sackboy- Already owned LBP 1 & 2

Dante- Owned DMC 1&2 but never beat them, hoping to get the HD collection soon and am looking forward to DMC

Ratchet & Clank- Got All 4 One thanks to PS+ and beat it last night. Deffinately getting the Trilogy Collection

Spike- Bought Ape Escape for PS1 last month and beat it in 2 days, five dollars very well spent.

Raiden- Played all Metal Gear games except for 4, and can't wait for MGR

Nariko- Bought Heavenly Sword for $13 because of PSASBR, really liked it.

Sir Dan- Probably one of my favorite games I had on PS1, I bought it again on the playstation store to help build hype, and I hope he gets a new game soon.

Kat- Getting a VITA soon so I can finally play Gravity Rush

Starhawk- Playing it currently, and really love it. Probably the deffinition of underappreciated.


tl;dr- I love games and agree!


PSASBR wishlist: Kat (CHECK), Chimera, Cloud, Isaac Clarke (CHECK), Chell, Scorpion, Nightmare, Ryu.
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