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Do you think that when using certain characters...

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People should at least try to take the initiative to learn more about the character (like playing their game(s)) they like using?


I say this because I could already see the mass amounts of Nathan Drake users using him simply because he's Nathan Drake. Before All-Stars was close to being released, I said that I'd Platinum all three of the Uncharted games and I'm closing in on my final Platinum (should have Uncharted 3 Platinum'd before PSASBR releases). I'm a Drake fan and have been for a long time and when he was announced I was stoked.


Now I'm NOT saying that you should go out and buy and play every game for every character you like using. If I decided to use Nariko (who I know NOTHING about) and I own every match with her, it doesn't mean I'm going to rush out and buy Heavenly Sword. But I will be seeing her on Wikipedia and watching gameplay videos of her IP game, at the very least.


To be honest with you guys, I was a late bloomer in the PS2 error, so I've barely touched many of the huge franchise characters like Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank and Sly Cooper. And, I'm speaking all honesty when I say this -- I've NEVER touched a Devil May Cry game in my life. Ever. With that said, I've started my Collections playthrough. I'm currently playing the Jak collection and will make it all the way to Sly because I'm sure that I'll like using one of the characters from those huge franchises in PSASBR. And if I like using Dante, I may support his upcoming game (I don't see me going back and playing the original DMCs -- I just don't. Haha!).


One of my friends who loved using Sweet Tooth in the public beta bought Twisted Metal -- and he HATES driving games -- which I thought was cool (especially considering ST doesn't leave his vehicle). It's inititatives like that that makes all the difference. Do you guys understand or am I sounding nonsensical?

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Re: Do you think that when using certain characters...

Nov 8, 2012



I have no idea who Parappa is, and quite frankly I do NOT want to play anything related to him. In fact I hate the fact that he is even in the game. Same goes for Dante and DMC. I have absolute no interest in this generic looking idiot Dante no matter how many fans he has. To me he is boring and uninteresting.


I also don't like Cole and Evil Cole as separate characters nor do I care much for infamous games. I have not played Medevil either but I love Fortesque's theme and look and i'm very much looking forward to playing as Fortesque and many other characters who's original game I have not played.


On the other hand I've played many Ratchet and Clank games and I'm not terribly excited to see how Ratchet would play on PSASBR but I still love the fact that he is there instead of another Cole. Out of the 20 characters, 6 characters I wish were not in the game, the rest I love Smiley Happy




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