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Re: Do Jak players know anything else?

Feb 17, 2013

Digidevil4 wrote:



You really dont get this do you, I dont read your posts. I see a long block of text usually started by some insult then I move on.


Coreno Statistics


Look at the statistics and get your head out of your **bleep**.

Dude I made those statistics with Coreno. It states in the thread that these are not meant to try and prove or disprove a charcters OP or needs a buff, it was just who is popular, and since the 1st day we posted it nothing has changed, it just shows POPULARITY. Are you really that big a fool to use peoples favorite allstars as reason to believe they are OP?


FP could use a small nerf yet she is under jak.............. Same with evil cole..........


@all saying anything about jak thats not buff him


Your all wrong here he is nearly useless in many situations, the only way he succeeds is by avoiding everyone elses combos and supers. He's better than the bottom tier characters but not because of AP gain, combos, his lvl 1 or 2, or his red circle, but because he has a great air game. Anyone with a super that can hit people in the air CANNOT complain about Jak, just kill him while hes still in the air charging the circle. Any good player SHOULD have figured this out already. Even bad Drake players do it with drakes lvl 1. l2p > complain

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Re: Do Jak players know anything else?

Feb 17, 2013
@big poppa

Can you make a newer chart with dlc and after patch? That would be good
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