Jan 12 2013
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Digital Copy Bug

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I recently got the digital copy of Playstation All-Stars and it was working great until I finally went only with a friend and we started 2v2 some matched, NOTE first time playing this game ONLINE!


2 Things happened first was this photo.JPG



I realize its a little hard to see but you get the idea that happened more than once while me and my friend were playing together.


The second thing was just before we both got of for a little bit not as major, I had picked one character before we went online but once we got into a match my character changed. at this point my friend seemed to think that the Digital Copy wasn't as up to date as the disc as he has had the game on disc since launch and followed what bugs were and weren't patched fairly closely.



Im just wondering has anyone else had any issues with the Digital Copy of the game?

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Re: Digital Copy Bug

Jan 12, 2013

thats kratos's new spam move u didnt know

i have the digital copy now issues for me so idk

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