Dec 12 2012
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Dear Superbot *New Survival Mode request

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This is a request I and others would like to forward to Superbot comment or Kudo if you agree-----Would you guys consider adding a new solo survival mode where you pick one character with a set number a lives and must survive 19-20 waves of enemies (1 enemy at a time).The last fighter (20) could be a clone of the character you chose set on all-star or hard mode so you could see who's the best. Separately, you could add options to the mode where we only have 1 life and must survive an endless wave of characters until we die. Additionaly, you can also add an option to gradually make each openent harder than the last, or every so often the game can add more than one openent at a time etc.Just a few ideas.

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Re: Dear Superbot *New Survival Mode request

Dec 12, 2012

That sounds pretty cool! 

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