Nov 08 2012
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Day 66: Attract

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**bleep** the pre-order costume polls for the day, they can wait. It's story time kids, get near the fire, and Timmy, don't stick your hand in again, you **bleep**. Let me take you back a year. October 25, 2012. I had just gotten Battlefield 3, a game I was very much looking forward to, when something happened.




For some background info, Rockstar is my second favorite developer in gaming. I've 100%'d GTA IV, RDR, 99.9%'d Bully, and got around 85% on San Andreas, my second favorite game of all time (if I count the R&C games as one entity).

So when I was about to pop in my BF3 disc and enjoy it for the first time, I heard about GTA V's announcement. Literally all care I had for BF3 dropped immediately. Of course, I still played it for most of that day, but my mind was on GTA V. What could they be doing? What's the trailer going to show?


Fast forward a little over a year, and GTA V is FINALLY getting some info released. Needless to say, I've been excited for the Game Informer article. So when I searched on GamesRadar for snippets of that article (I use GR for my primary source of gaming news, because they don't have a bias, they've got a good rep, and they're quick to get info out). The first story that I see had me slightly curious.


GTA V, the game that stole the show from BF3 on that day a year ago, had a bout of gaming karma. PSAS stole the show from GTA V; the game I've had hyped for years was completely overshadowed by a game that had itself been overshadowed by GTA V for such a long time. You know what I have to say?


They did it. Sony **bleep** did it. They're actually advertising, and doing it WELL. My god. Somebody give me a clapping gif. They were able to, in three short minutes, take and absolutely **bleep** demolish eleven months of hype for THE 2013 Game of the Year. That commercial may have overthrown Michael as my favorite gaming advertisement - and I'll surely let people know if it does, but it's too early for me to be fully certain of that - and it's jumped handily into a group of the four game advertisements I've ever truly liked, next to Michael, the "Coming Home" ACIII trailer, and the GTA V reveal trailer (I'd actually neglected to count the GTA V trailer into that list until recently).


And, less importantly, I was completely, utterly, wholly wrong in what I said in one of the two weekly threads I posted yesterday. I felt the lack of advertisement didn't bode well, and within 12 hours they made me look like a complete **bleep**.

And I couldn't be happier

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Re: Day 66: Attract

Nov 8, 2012

the trailer is awesome, every part of it, the part where little sister cuddles sackboy, and the enraged big daddy
its all so engaging
im showing this trailer to my friends!!

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Re: Day 66: Attract

Nov 8, 2012
the great part about the trailer is that it represents the game so well!
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