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Re: Day 5: Emmett's Matchups

Feb 9, 2013

acursedone wrote:

DivinePaladin27 wrote:
Kratos cannot do anything against a good ranged character, but I'm not sure if Emmett has enough effective range to help that.

Also, by Sly exclusive confirms, I can only explain it with an example. Toro's justice stance base Triangle is not a confirm against any other character, but it's almost definitely one against Sly, because it's difficult for a Sly to react and teleport out of the way in time as compared to the instinctive roll reaction (that he doesn't have).

Which ranged characters are good against Kratos? I'm having a hard time against any good kratos as Ratchet.


Why call it an exclusive confirm when you can avoid it with teleport?

My Ratchet destroys most Kratoses any day of the week.  There are some that spam their way to effectiveness, but if they do it enough to **bleep** me off I just spam right back.  And if Kratos can't get in, he can't get AP.


Besides Ratchet, characters like FP (who aren't exactly ranged but can still play it safe until her ranged attacks hit) can also do very well against Kratos, and then there are Drake and the Coles who can keep range very well against him too.  Not to mention he's just a terrible 1v1 character in general.  


As for Sly, I call them confirms because 999 out of 1000 times they will not dodge.  The only people that could do so effectively are THE best Sly players on the planet, and even then I don't think they'd dodge out of them more than 50% of the time.  So if it kills even the best players, the <1%, half the time, I consider it so effective that I will personally call it a confirm.  As I said, it's more of a setup, but because it will almost never be dodged it's practically a confirm.

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