Sep 16 2012
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Day 12: And the Winner Is...[Part 1]

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Today, I'll express a few of my points for Gamescom and the PAX week reveals, and leave it to you guys to determine which reveal was the best overall. It's going to be a small thread because I can't give too much away for tomorrow's follow-up thread, after all!


So let's start with Gamescom:
One good thing that came out of it is that those worried about New Dante (IN THIS GAME, keep that in mind) were pacified. I was one of those people at first, but after seeing him in action, I just knew he'd be amazing to play. SuperBot has noted quite a few times that they essentially made a mechanic entirely exclusive to Dante, just to make him that much more unique and fun to play. Honestly, this character set a precedent that I feel will continue on into the TGS reveals: It seems as if SuperBot put in extra effort to make the characters that people were most worried about worth it, and this started with Dante (and later continued with Raiden and Evil Cole).


While we're on the topic of Evil Cole, I may as well list my one good thing for the week of PAX: The trickle of information that came out of it. While the metaleak that happened with PAX is going to be my one bad thing for it (I'll touch on that in a minute), it also led to a unique set of reveals. We got essentially three reveals in one, and it kept us as a whole on our toes the entire time. It was almost reminiscent of the reveals for Brawl, except this was at random. It definitely did wonders for the forums in at least two notable ways: It prevented a total cluster**bleep** of threads from being posted at once because it trickled out; and it really threw us off like only the Beta leak had done before.


Speaking of leaks, this reveal was both helped by and plagued with them. The "real" leak, AKA the beta leak, obviously took out pretty much all of the surprise from these reveals, as it did for Gamescom. But on top of that, we had a second leak that in reality knocked the PSAS reveal off of the PAX showing entirely. This means that we may have lost a revealing panel interview, and that we essentially lost the surprise from the "we announced the two characters we said we were going to, but WAIT, a third challenger appears!" that they were likely going to do.


Now let's end off with my one bad thing for today about Gamescom. It didn't really deliver, and had little reason for failing to do so. With PAX, it makes sense that it didn't deliver, because something happened out of SuperBot's control that screwed things up for them. With Gamescom, it was the first show on the game after the beta leak, and a lot of people expected something from SuperBot that was their bounce-back, like maybe some more story info or something. However, we got characters and stages, like we always did, and nothing more. It was almost a bit demoralizing; they had the chance to shine and almost appear like a phoenix that rose from the ashes, but like at PAX, they failed to make an impact. But unlike PAX, they didn't have an understandable reason behind it.


...And that's as far as I'll go for today. Tomorrow I'll reveal which one won, so be sure to stay tuned! And, as always, be sure to ask some questions for Monday's thread!

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Re: Day 12: And the Winner Is...[Part 1]

Sep 16, 2012

Just as I though- Wait. *Checks seat* Yep, I'm on the edge of it. Can't wait for the next journal!

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