Oct 03 2012
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Daxter Moveset

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Now i know that he is with Jak, but at the moment i think he is in one move total
so in a sequal he could have his own slot easy

S = square
T = triange
C = circle
X = ...X
U = UP
D = Down
> = side
N = neutral
A = air

Square attacks are with his bug swatter from daxter
NS = Swat (can be 4 swat combo) (can be performed in air)
>S = Lunge swat                                (can be performed in air)
DS = 360 Spin Swat
US = Swat Uppercut                          (can be performed in air)
A-DS = Dive Swat

Circle Attacks involve the Spray Gun
NC = Change gun mod (from Spray to Flamethower to Ultrasonic)

          All attacks are identical, except the effect changes with gun mod
          Spray has a stunn effect on enemies, no AP gain
          Flamethrower has a medium AP gain, but no knockback
          Ultrasonic has a high AP gain, and high knockback, but much lower rate of fire
>C = fire gun
UC = fire gun 45 degree angle
DC = Jump up and fires gun down, launching daxter upward

A-DC = allows daxter to hover for a couple seconds, also firing the gun at those below him

Triangle is just misclaneos attacks
NT = Counter attack, daxter quickly zips behind an opponent and hits them with high knockback
DT = daxter places down a metal bug which crawls untill it hits an oppenent
>T = Daxter jumps on hit scooter and drives forward, strong attack, but very slow starting and ending lag
UT = Daxter whips out a precurser orb and does the "slam dunk," attacks anemies at a 45 degree angle

A-DT = daxter releases a flying metal bug that shoots 3x at enemies, unless its hit

daxter also has the ability to "sneak," where if he holds the down button, his squat lies him flat, so he can crawl around

Level 1 = the precursers come and turn an enemy in a small range near daxter into an ottsell, which daxter must then attack to KO
Level 2 = daxter transforms into dark Daxter, where he first fires 3 dark goblets, then goes into tornado mode for a short time
Level 3 = daxter falls into a dream where he is in the matrix, and Performs his matrix moves, a perfect run can yield 6 KOs

how you like it, feel free to make suggestions Smiley Happy

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Re: Daxter Moveset

Oct 4, 2012

Not bad Smiley Happy


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Re: Daxter Moveset

Aug 24, 2013
That is worth effort.
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