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Re: Darkstalkers Representative

Apr 10, 2013
I welcome Jon, however, Rikuo would be a nice change of paste. I'm imaging the blueprints now.

Plus: Bubbles vs. Sackboy Bubbles. The bubble extravaganza would be awesome.
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Re: Darkstalkers Representative

Jan 31, 2016

Am I the only one that thinks that Zeus should've had either Pyron or Jedah as his rival instead of Isaac Clarke?

Because at least Darkstalkers had decent relevance in PS history while Dead Space was always a multiplatform franchise that hardly had any Playstation history and because

both Zeus and Isaac were both received poorly and sold poorly,



Dart Feld and Abe along with the Hekseville Stage were cancelled and shortly after that, SSM confirmed that there will be no more DLC.



Also the first 3 Darkstalkers games are PS Classics on the PSN Store and also DS Resurrection came out a few days prior to Zeus and Isaac and I Definitly would've advertised an HD compilation over a soon to be disappointing sequel from a franchise that hardly had any connection with Sony other than PS exclusive dlc,


Hell I would've rather had Bubsy FREAKIN BUBSY over Isaac Clarke and That's Saying something because his outing on the PS1 is Infamous for being one of if not the worst game ever made,

He's part of PS history and i'm sure we would've all loved to either beat the **** out of him with Kratos's Blades of Chaos or Play as him just for laughs

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