Jan 26 2013
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Dante tips

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Do you guys have any tips for dante I just started us\ing him. I would like to know any kill confirms into supers. Which one of his supers you guys use. and some money combos.

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Re: Dante tips

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Jan 26, 2013

There are a couple good Dante players on here. I know pb_mal seems to be the uncontested Dante expert, although I haven't played him. The fact that he is uncontested speaks volumes though. I do know that he is more of a trainer, so you might have to shoot him a private message or add him on PSN so he can play with you personally. Do note that a microphone is usually required if you are training with someone.


Also, I believe Thx2no1 wrote a guide on Dante. I have it posted on the Strategy Guide Directory post along with guides for a bunch of other characters. Note that all the guides might not be up to date with the latest patch so be wary of that, but otherwise, they could be a good resource. Some characters still need guides, so if you think you can give some insight, please make one.

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Re: Dante tips

Jan 26, 2013

Dante is a easy charector to play, but a HARD charector to master, im a lvl 999 dante and learned most my moves from Siege237 and Pb_mal, and have created a couple combo's of my own, i taught a couple dante's some moves this week, and I love helping out new dante's send me a friend request if you want to see some combo's and tactics i use.



- if you are in the middle of a combo and you see someone aproaching you (obviuosly goina attack) cancel to guns then directly to PARRY, its a great strategy to keep in control.

- remember to make use of that Angel Dash, it cancels into Square attacks, allowing for great speed approach on those who are busy.

- LEARN the bold cancel, it makes you a hell of a lot more Powerfull, able to combo into your lvl 1 gives you a great advantage.

- keep opponents in the air as long as you can. that means if someone is falling, jump up there and combo them.

- make every combo count, it must end with a AP burst if you want to make Super meter progress.

- if you activate the lvl 3 REMEMBER to cancel, every seconds counts, hit someone with forward Square then cancel from triangle to angel dash. his way you dont have to waste time with recoul animations.

- if a opponent rolls past your square attack (Meaning he is now behind you) pull out down square (at an angle) it will almost always land on the opponent, then begin the combo.



thats all i got off the top of my head, just stay in controll by canceling.

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