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DLC Request and Research Thread

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I know this has been done before, but it's time for a more definitive list. 


I will take ANY DLC character request that has some sort of validity and do the reasearch to learn the possibility for that character to be in the game. I will provide as much data and information as I can so that decisions can be made properly.


They will be rated as follows:


EASY: If asked, the company would probably put the character in the game.

PLAUSIBLE: It's a possibility. Probably about half anf half.

HARD:  The company would most likely say no or have some crazy demands, but they may surprise us and let the character in the game.

NO WAY: It's not happening.  Theres always the tiniest fraction of a chance they'll say yes, but don't hold your breath



Let's be clear: these lables don't represnt my like or dislike of a character in any way, just the likelyhood that they will be added.


Let's start with some that have already been discussed.


(An extra special thank you to the maker of this thread for providing me a start with this information: you did great work. I just want to add to it.)


[ALSO! I will be slowly going through the characters in this thread from the forums. Please click there and look at the chart on the front page before suggesting me characters to do research on.




Crash BandicootHARD 

If Activision is still fighting over the Bandicoot, these negotiations must be crazy! Many people cite this tweet as evidence that Crash really has a big shot at an apearence in this game. Let's remember, this thing is old and was deleted soon after it was up. Also people have talked about this poster saying that it may be mean a new Crash game which they might want to advertise on PSASBR. We obviosly can't speak either way, but this looks like the very original Crash design from years back. But, there is also speculation that this mean Crash will be a Skylander, and if that happens consider his chances in PSASBR to be ZILTCH.




If Activision is being this tough with Crash, a character the kinda ran into the ground and has no future as of right now, why in the world would the give us Spyro who is so sucessful in Skylanders and nnot even a main character anymore? He wouldn't even be useful for advertising. 




Just for the people who think they would for some reason maybe we will get the older Spyro. If Spyro could get in he would be Skylander Spryo. End of discussion.




Solid SnakeNO WAY


Why is solid snake labeled as NO WAY? A few reasons.

(1.) Hideo Kojima greatly discourages the idea of snake and raiden competing when fans bring it up in general. He views them as equals and teammates and doesn't like the idea of people comparing one to other. If solid snake was put in, people could have fights between raiden and snake to see who would win.

(2.) Solid Snake was in brawl and if Superbot doesn't make solid snake's moveset diverse enough from the brawl version, nintendo could have license to sue. Thats a lot of pressure. Those two reasons push solid snake into HARD territory but number 3 pushes it into NO WAY.

(3.) Superbot's relationship with Hideo Kojima was hurt due to the leak. He said it may affect his decision to let other characters be in PSASBR


Old Snake HARD

While more likely than solid snake appearing due to reason number 2 not being a factor, reasons number 1 and 3 still stand

Big Boss/Naked Snake: HARD


This is the easy fix to the above concerns. Reasons number 1 and 2 are no longer an issue, all that remains is reason number 3. On top of that, Konami may want to use big boss/naked snake's appearance as a way to promote Metal Gear Solid Ground Zereos, But, we do run into the issue that this character would be very similar to Radec in terms of options for a move set in the game.


Goemon NO WAY


I saw this on the Characters We Would Like To See thread and almost laughed. ALL of the Goemon games that have be released to the states have been on a Nintendo cosole. This one is NO WAY for sure!




Suikoden II  where Riou stars remains one of the most valuable games for the PlayStation, commonly carrying an asking price of more than $70  from potential sellers, or up to as much as $150 for an unopened version of the game due to the game's limited print run and lack of reprinting. And that's why it's a NO WAY. The game isn't getting some sort of third addition any time soon, and almost half of you didn't even know the game existed.


Bomberman: NO WAY


Bomberman has been released on a Sony Concole less then almost every other console he's been released on. He's been on enough Nintendo Games to almost consider him possible for a Smash Game! This makes him a good NO WAY for PSASBR.


Pyramid Head: PLAUSIBLE


A lot of people ask for Pyramid Head and it's obvious why: "Critics cite him as an iconic villain of the Silent Hill series,  a favorite among fans, and part of the appeal of Silent Hill 2. Computerworldnamed Pyramid Head as one of the most terrifying villains in computer and video games. GamesRadar listed him as one of the 25 best new characters of the decade and  quoted from IGN "To this day, Pyramid Head is remembered as one of gaming's most frightening villains."


So he's popular! That's a good start! And he's even been given to use in a another game before: New International Track And Field. This is a double edged sword, on one side, it shows Konami might give a a shot at him. On the other it was a nintendo game. So take it for what you will!


A note on other Silent Hill Reps: I've seen many names thrown around for a Silent Hill rep, and while it is possible I have a feeling that Pyramid Head would represent the series as a whole better then a character from an individual game as he is so iconic to the franchise. However, I would list the otheer characters still as PLAUSABLE.






Klonoa's first game was one of the first PS1 platformers to feature two-dimensional character artwork on a rendered, three-dimensional backdrop. This led to the creation of the phrase 2.5D to distinguish it between other games that relied totally on one or the other.


Now, if technical history won't do it for you, he has had a good history on PlayStation consoles, including Klonoa: Door to PhantomileKlonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil, even  Klonoa Beach Volleyball! It should be noted however that many of Klonoa's games have been on the GameBoy Advance system as well, making him a possible Smash Bros contender with Namco behind the wheel though PSASBR has a better chance at snagging him with his start being on the PS1.

The King of All CosmosPLAUSIBLE


An interview with superbot, they said that the easiest third party company to work with was namco. Namco even gave superbot heihachi, the main villian from what i would argue namco's most famous series of games, tekken. Superbot, and especially seth killian, have shown a lot of interest in having a katamari demacy rep. Considering the King stars in a series of games that come out every now and then and has more of a cult following than anything else, i don't think namco would demand too much for him if superbot showed the interest.


Note: With Namco doing work on the next Smash Bros games, we might expect less Namco characters in the future. Only time will tell.




Wander: NO WAY


Team ICO wanted nothing to do with this game. They consider their games to be art and don't want their characters mingling around outside of their world




Same as Wander




Hooded Traveler (Journey): NO WAY


I would assume this for a lot of the same reasons on Team ICO has presented fot their characters. This game is a work of art as well as a game. However, a stage mash up could almost be Plausible, and would be very beatiful with Flower or maybe somehow with Flow.






There is already a LOT of Resistance represented in this game. An entire character would be sort of redundent. So I won't put it at HARD, but I think PLAUSBILE isn't a good choice either. So somewhere inbetween.






While its possible they may say yes, there's also a big chance that ubisoft would want a different assassin's creed rep in instead


Connor: EASY


Considering ubisoft is pushing Connor as the new face of assassin's creed, i could see them easily agreeing to Connor over ezio. Ubisoft has a great relationship with sony as well


Rayman: HARD


As of late, Rayman has become more associated with nintendo due to the success of the raving rabbids games. His newest game, Rayman Legends, is also a wii u exclusive. I  ranked this one as HARD and not NO WAY only because Ubisoft has a great relationship with sony and may be able to see how much he contributed to playstation in the past.


Jade or Pey'j: HARD


One of these characters from Beyond Good & Evil, nominated for "Game of the Year" at the 2004 Game Developers Choice Awards would seem like a cool choice but it is not likely. Not only is the game not a PlayStation exclusive, but the sequel has been announced to be on next generation consoles making one of those characters not even a good idea for marketing purposes this early.


The Prince: NO WAY


The Prince of Persia is a game series that started WAY WAY back on teh Apple II Computer! We know it now of coarse for it's newer games and the famous movies behind it. Why do I say NO WAY to The Prince? By this point, Sony/SuperBot might even have to negotiate with the makes of the movies. Contracts between the game makers and the movies makers might cause problems too, plus the games haven't exactly been PlayStation exclusives.




Teddie: EASY


Atlus has contacted superbot about wanting an inclusion. If superbot gets back to them and wants the character, they're in. Why Teddie? Atlas said a petition should be started to get specifically Teddie in the game.





Ty the Tasmanian Tiger has been still for many years. As of this year, Ty is getting a new game because of his anniversary. Now as they commented in a Facebook post, if Sony asked, they would jump at the chance. Krome did have some finacial trouble, but even if you go on their site right now you can see right on the front page that they are making a new Ty game! So this might work as advetisement for them. To those worried about the rumors that Krome closed they never did.



Abe: EASY 


Abe is a character from a well respected franchise that started on the PS1. We know that Oddworld Inhabitants wants him in the game. If SuperBot can figure this out, it's cut and dry!




Scorpion: PLAUSIBLE 


Back when Playstation All-Stars was still called Title Fight, Ed Boon (Legendary creator of Mortal Kombat) commented on asking SuperBot to include the mascot of Mortal Kombat. This could have easily just been him joking and he might have changed his mind. (Hence the PLAUSIBLE rank) Although, SuperBot could still ask and it might be possible to include the famous fighting game mascot. It's also worth nothing he is somewhat represented by Toro with one of his attacks.


I could list every character that everyone has sugested here (Sub-Zero, Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung, etc.) But that would be time consuming and sort of pointless. They all have a shot at being in the game.


I want to note that I have seen many suggestions for Chameleon as he has moves from all the ninjas in the cast. This must not be mistaken with Kameleon who switches mid battle between many of the cats's moves but could never get in as she has been an MK Nintendo exclusive. 




Etna: EASY


NIS has already expressed their desire to have a rep in this game and they are usually very easy to get along with.






She is one of the many characters from the Michale commercial and apparently Gaben likes the PS3 a lot more than the Xbox. (Combining the PS3 version of Portal 2's online with Steam)





When TOMBA! was brought to PSN, there was an interview with Monkey Paw (the group who ported it) and they said that they would gladly introduce Superbot to the original creator of the Tomba series. (Or whoever else is needed to get the character in the game)



Cloud HARD


This is Square Enix. They don't give out characters often. Cloud is DOMINATING the poll here on this site that is true, and there is the fact that cloud was set to appear in the Michael commercial before being removed by sony for not being able to make his costume look good that shows that square does see cloud's place in playstation history. 


Lightning: HARD 


Square is pushing her as the new face of final fantasy and she has a new game coming out. BUT It's still square enix you're dealing with here.


A note on all Final Fantasy Characters: A Final Fantasy rep has been one of the most asked for reps out of ANY game on every PSASBR forum I can find. We must remeber we will have a sequel someday, and Square Enix might want to wait to see what this game becomes before they would consider ANY rep form Final Fantasy. Besides, if SuperBot announced Cloud would in the PSASBR 2 it would sell that sequel 100 times better then it would sell this game as DLC. Food for thought.

Sora (NO WAY): If Sora was owned soley by Square Enix, i would have called this one as a HARD or possibly PLAUSIBLE but there's one factor that pushes Sora's inclusion into NO WAY. Disney. i've heard that disney is like an overprotective mother to Sora, not wanting to expose him to any outside violence. Disney even felt the need to censor what happened during the Pirates of the Carribean world in Kingdom Hearts 2. Could you imagine them letting sora be in a game with a serial killing clown, a murderous sex-crazed spartan, and a genetically altered monster that protects a little girl who harvest drugs from corpses? Not only would he be among those characters, Sora would also be able to use the in-game pick-up items such as a rail gun, rocket launcher, axe, spear, etc. There may be a slight sliver of hope in the fact that PSASBR is only cartoon violence though.


Lara Croft: HARD


Not only has Crystal Dynamics (a company owned by Square Enix) replied with snotty comments about PSASBR when questioned about Lara's inclusion, they also has a deal with microsoft to get the DLC for the upcoming tomb raider on xbox360 earlier than the ps3. There is a glimmer of hope though. Square enix has the final say over Crystal Dynamics. The new tomb raider game comes out in the middle of March and square might want to advertise her that way. If she became DLC, my guess would be late February or early March. After that window passes, i think her chances will become NO WAY. 


Gex: NO WAY 


Gex is one of the many characters made by Crystal Dynamics (like lara croft). He was even their mascot for a short time. The main problem for Gex is that he is owned by a company that seemed very negative when saying that Lara Croft wouldn't be in All-Stars. This makes it very difficult to say whether he has a chance or not. BUT the main concern I have was that Gex originated on a system called the 3DO, and was also a mascot for the system for some time. For me, he's a NO WAY for that alone.


Mint and Rue: NO WAY


Threads of Fate was a game created for the PS1 by then Square (now Square Enix). The game hasn't been forgotten, as it is avaiilable to download on the PlayStation Network, but the chances of Square wanting to have characters from such a dead franchise that would do them no good when they play hard ball on characters that would make great advertising is beyond me.


Mushashi: NO WAY


Brave Fencer Musashi was a game for the PS1 that has had a sequel and even a mobile phone game sequel of sorts in Japan. The biggest problem with this game is that it's seen no REAL action since 2005. True, the game was put on the PlayStation network in 2008, but the biggest chance of a comback for the series would have been in 2005 when the sqeual and mobile phone game came out. I don't think Square wants to keep pushing this franchise around.




He's owned by sony. He was in one of the BEST RPGs of all time. He would be a wonderful JRPG rep.


Rudy Roughnight EASY

The Wild ARMs serious have been PlayStation exclusives the entirety of the franchise which has sold very well in America and Japan. Rudy with his tools, various weapons, and guardians to call upon for his supers, (not to mention the remake of his game Alter Code F a few years back) he would be the perfect candidate for PSASBR for a JRPG rep.

Kevin Butler NO WAY With all of the lawsuit business going on,  I think its safe to say that sony and KB'S relationship has been hurt beyond repair




Sony owns Toan and he came from a decent and popular game that sold well (Dark Cloud was the 15th best-selling video game during the week of its debut in Japan). It woudln't be too hard to snag him.


Maximillian / Monica: EASY


Dark Chronicle was popular, had great acclaim and sold well. It wouldn't be too hard for them to get the two of them, maybe even to be played as a character together!


ZeniMax Media Inc.


Croc: NO WAY 


You may or may not know that Croc is actually owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. After Argonaut Software went defunct in 2004, the rights to the Croc series were bought by Zenimax Media, who later canceled Croc 3 in 2005 due to development troubles, and no Croc related media has been developed since. Croc has been dead for quite a while, and his games weren't even PlayStation exclusives. This one is a NO WAY.


Atari Inc.


Andy: NO WAY


Many of you won't even know who Andy is. He is from the game Heart of Darkness which was a wonderful PS1 game. The company most noted for publishing the game are now owned by Atari Inc. Amazing Studio had plans to start Playstation 2 development, and was at some point contacted by Steven Spielberg to discuss a movie based on Heart of Darkness. A MacOS and Gameboy Color port of the game was also planned by InfoGames. But none of this ever happened. If none of the ports could happen, and not even a PS2 game NOT TO MENTION Amazing Studios is out of business, it makes Andy a solid NO WAY.




Ōkami: HARD


Ōkami was one of the last PlayStation 2 games selected for release prior to the release of the PS3. Although it suffered from poor sales, Ōkami received critical acclaim, even earning the title of IGN's 2006 Game Of The Year. This character would add something extremely unique in terms of art and playstyle to PSASBR but there is a problem:  Ōkamiden, the Nintendo DS sequel. This, and that the game was also placed on the Wii after the original makers of the game went out of business put Ōkami in the HARD category. The game was also ported to the PS3 as well though. So this one may be tough, but could go either way.


Double Fine Productions




Now you may or may not have heard of Psychonauts  a game created by Tim Schafer, developed by Double Fine Productions and published by MajescoWhile the game received strong critical praise and several accolades, Psychonauts suffered from poor sales and the publisher, Majesco, suffered financial difficulties relating to Psychonauts and other titles in its catalogue. However, the game has since gained a cult following. The major problem with Raz: PlayStation always comes last. The releases for Psychonauts have ALWAYS been last for PlayStation, so this one is a NO WAY for that alone.


Electronic Arts




The Dead Space serious has apeared on more Sony Consoles during its cycle then any other. But not by many. It would be a cool Survival Horror Rep that's for sure! It's been a critical sucess and it stands a shot at having a rep in the game. My only concern is the games aren't exactly PlayStation exclusives.


There will be more to come!


So give me suggestion for who to research, debate over these thoughts/give me more info to put in, and overall just get excited for the DLC!

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Re: DLC Request and Research Thread

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Jan 24, 2013

You need to fix some publisher listings. The Mortal Kombat franchise is owned by Warner Bros. Interactive (they also made Lollipop Chainsaw and currently publish the F.E.A.R franchise).


You also forgot Capcom, Take-Two Interactive, Sega, Electronic Arts, Bethesda Softworks and Tecmo Koei.


I like to make PSASBR move-sets. Here's a few:

Dart.jpg Daedalus.png Selvaria.jpg Alicia.png Dante.png Ellen.jpg

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Re: DLC Request and Research Thread

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Jan 24, 2013

Wow, this is pretty brilliant and well put-together, Aylas.

Many Kudos shall be showered upon you. (And hopefully a sticky)

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Re: DLC Request and Research Thread

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Jan 24, 2013

I'd say it would be pretty easy for Sony to add in a Sports Champions rep, seeing as they own them and would want to promote the move.


Sure, it may not have the most iconic characters, but I doubt many people knew of the Robot Operating Buddy going into Smash Bros.


Whichever athlete they chose (Kenji would be my personal chose) would have a unique arsenal.  In addition to the standard swords and arrows, they'd have ping pong paddles, disc golf discs, beach volleyballs, golf clubs, bowling balls,  skis, etc. That, and they'd have melee boxing attacks.



EDIT: By the way, as much as I like Chell and Portal, what would she be able to do?  All she has is a Portal gun.


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Re: DLC Request and Research Thread

Jan 24, 2013

quick question what will the chances of capcom giving SB permission to put strider hiryu in psabr, just wondering.

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Re: DLC Request and Research Thread

Jan 24, 2013

Warner Bros produced Lollipop Chainsaw. They didn't make it.

The company that made it is called Grasshopper Manufacture.
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Re: DLC Request and Research Thread

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Jan 24, 2013

Well that still gives them ownership over the property.


And to the OP, maybe you could add Folklore, Genji, Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy, White Knight Chronicles and Jeanne d'Arc to the Sony list. They were technically published by outside developers (Game Republic and Level-5 respectively) but Sony should still own the license on them. It's kind of the same boat Thatgamecompany is in.


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Re: DLC Request and Research Thread

Jan 24, 2013
How about Gabriel Logan from Syphon Filter?
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Re: DLC Request and Research Thread

Jan 24, 2013
Hmm wow you covered most of my top characters. I really liked your section on Klonoa
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Re: DLC Request and Research Thread

Jan 24, 2013
I plan on trying to get the game's producers and such as close as possible, but I also will be trying to use names that are much better known to make the list more accessible. I've added a few more people Including Okami!
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