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Re: DLC-Philosophy

Feb 28, 2013

Megawinner wrote:

MercenaryDemon wrote:

Megawinner wrote:

Exactly, that's what they want you to think. But twenty bucks for 4 characters....that's a third of what I paid for the whole game when iit was brand new. But 4 characters are only a fifth of the original roster, and then you have to consider that all the other parts of the game had to be made.

What happened to unlocking stuff? Now when I want to unlock something new, the game literally asks me to go to the PS store.


Or its what you don't want to believe.

Okay, firstly (correct me if I'm wrong), I guess that's not entirely the same because as a bigger studio I assume SSM employs some people permanently.
Secondly, get the money from the game sales. Or heck, even from future games. (I know it sounds utopian)

Lastly, if that doesn't work out, don't make DLC at all, and especially don't tease inside the game!



dont make dlc at all cause you cant or wont pay it? but i want the dlc, what is with me and the other guys


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