Nov 22 2012
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Couldn't be Happier!

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Bought the game today a day early (thanks manager of gamespod) bought a 20 pack of beers got all my mates over, and had an absolute blast!

I tried not to use characters from the beta some we were all on a level playing field, so I stuck with Nate for most of it. I was amazed at how each character played and how each of my friends warmed to a different character. I had the one who could wipe the floor with us with heihachi and his medeling bear Kuma, others fell in love with kratos and raiden, and within 20 minutes could play competetively with them both.

The thing I was happiest about was that given a bit of time no one was being shut out or easily picked apart. We all began forming rivalries with each member of the group and taunting the hell outta each other given the chance.

Ultimately we all ended up having a great laugh (and ending up more than a bit merry). I couldn't be happier with the game, so I'd just like to say thanks to superbot for all the hard work they've put in over the last few years. 

Right time for bed, I can already feel a hangover looming. 

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Re: Couldn't be Happier!

Nov 22, 2012

I too also agree. I wish SuperBot the best of luck with the PlayStation All-Stars franchise.

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