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Nov 6, 2012

MarrowOchi wrote:

this_is_Marko wrote:

MarrowOchi wrote:

ihatemath113 wrote:
Can I get a source on that costumes thing?

Every character has 1 default, 1 Preorder, and I believe Omar Kendall mentioned each character has 2 costumes.


Also it doesn't matter if people skip them; they exist as an unlockable and that's why they're there.

when omar said that, people took it that it means every character has 2 costumes (default and 1 unlockable)

aaaaah, that actually makes more sense now


I already changed it and did the math

yeah i was really hoping it was going to be 4 too.  That way if you want to do a match where everyone is the same character (such as sackboy), every player gets a totally unique costume.  oh well

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