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Competitive stage discussion

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So, if there isn't a competitive stage discussion, it needs to be made for all players who want to look deep into the competitive aspect of the game.


Obviously not all stages are fit for competitive play, some may be to large, some may influence the match for both players in a negative way ecc.


We also have to remember that the most neutral stage may not be the best for a neutral match, so stages such as "practice small1" may be good for competitive play, but may not be the best option (this is just a supposion based on what i saw in other games, it may as well be)


Counter picks need to be defined.


- For all those who don't know what a counter pick stage is: these are stages that allow competitive play, but may influence the match by giving a character a slight advantage over the other, they are usually picked by the loser of the first match of a set.


I personally believe that the following stages are way to large and/or haven't got an ideal disposiztion of platforms that allow a good competitive match:


- Dreamscape

- Franzea

- Practice medium 1


I also have my doubts on others but i still have to look deeply into them.


So what do you think guys? which stages should be banned? which ones are the best for a neutral match? and which ones should become the counter pick of choice?


PS -  this is a little OT but also basic ruls for competitive torunaments should be discussed, the stock model with no items/hazards is a good one but isn't enough. Let's say you just lost a match against a Kratos mainer, you choose the stage and then maybe you want to change character thinking that you've got a better chance at defeating this guy, but he also wants to change character after he sees you did it; what do you do? Other fighting games usually let the winner choose first, so that the loser can counter the stronger adversary.


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Re: Competitive stage discussion

Dec 12, 2012

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