Nov 24 2012
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Cole's Combo's

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I've tried completeing the combo's for cole in one of the training modes, but to me it doesn't seem possible.


In a video online I watch he seems alot quicker than what he is in my game.


Also why is he Amp swing so random? I'm trying to do the triple square move which stuns them but usually just smacks them away? 



Here's the video. 

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Re: Cole's Combo's

Nov 24, 2012
Cole's combos have very specific timing. The amp swing is entirely random to keep balancing.

Without using the random amp swing, a decent combo is Thunderdrop (high), Freeze Missile, Grind - Gigawatt Blades, (jump) Arc Tether, (air) Amp Swing. Gets you a decent 85 without relying on a random factor
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