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Character Moveset: Kos-mos

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For the xenosaga fans out there i thought it would be great to add kos-mos from the xenosaga series. this character is great for a variety of range using her various weaponry to eliminate her opponents. though she could be made as an op character, it would be good if she was slow to gain ap and leave herself vulnurable after each attack combos, as well as recovery time for some of her attacks




anyways first of all, her square attakcs will be using her various melee abilities that is unarmed with any weapons, usually a variety of combos cam be added as well


+squareX3- a three hit combo using  a foward punch and twi side kicks that can send opponents diagonally in the air

+foward square, square- she cartwheels to her opponents that can actually evade attacks in that from which will be followed by a dash that punches right through the opponent in a stun. it has a long recovery time however if missed

+foward square, X- she quickly flips over her opponent after her cartwheel to allow attacks from behind

+up squarex2(holdable)- an a roundhouse kick which is quickly followed by an uppercut that send opponents to the air, it can be held to jump at the opponent's height when the hit has landed

+down square- a small leap before she grabs the opponent from above which will throw that person several yards


next we have the triangle attacks. these attacks will be using various melee weapons that is recognizable from some of her games



+trianglex2- two diagonal slashes from her arm blades that will send opponents flying

+foward triangle- she swings her dragontooth blade in a 360 degree radius to knock away opponents surrounding her

+up trianglex3- she swings her energy scythe upwards to get opponents into the air which will be followd by an quick dash slash to the opponent before sending a downward slash to send the opponent flying back down

+down trianglex2-  uses her RDRILL to drill her opponents which will cause continuous damage for a brief second before followed by a lunge to send him/her flying


then comes the circle attacks which will use a variety of long range weaponry and other functions


+circle- she uses the hilber effect to create a large field that will slow down enemy movent and attack speed, it requres a charge time though before it can be activated and the field will only last for a short time

+foward circle- fires a laser cannon from her arm that can deal continuous long rage damage. deals massive damage/ap gain at the cost of high recovery time

+down circle(holdable)- uses dual gattling guns to keep opponents at bay with suppressing fire the longer the button is held, gains little ap gain

+up circle- fires a laser pistol diagonal upwards to thwart opponent's arial attacks


Lv1 super- shion comes in to assist as she fires a quick mid range laser shot that will KO enemies in the line of fire

Lv 2 super- she uses her powerful X-buster than fires a massive beam of energy to destroy her opponents. it can be aimed

Lv3 super- Kos-mos utilizes her tertiary form to wreak havok on the battle field, capable of firing multible laser cannons and a powerful particle beam cannon. she can also swing her energy scythe to closer opponents and capable of flying and dashing


well this is all i got for now. later on ill add ariel movesets and i will also make changes to any request or ideas you guys may have




My Kos-mos moveset for ps all stars....ideas needed:
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Re: Character Moveset: Kos-mos

Feb 16, 2013

keep in mind that i onlyed play the first, second, and the anime. i hv the third but gotta beat second first. any suggestions to her move list or supers?


My Kos-mos moveset for ps all stars....ideas needed:
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