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Re: Calm Down About the Roster Size confirmation

Sep 29, 2012

SniperWolf323 wrote:

so you don't find it strange/greedy that superbot is taking characters like crash, cloud, spyro, and sora, dlc?! SERIOSULY?!?! IT"S A PLAYSTATION ALLSTAR game. JESUS superbot, you need to learn things, and fast. First learn what public means, having a beta, that only some people who applied to it get to play it, is called a PRIVATE beta, NOT a public. And superbot completely defeted the purpose of a playstation allstar game

They have at no point confirmed any of those characters as DLC, they may not be coming at all. They have merely hinted at DLC in some form. You have to realize DLC must be planned beforehand so that the game is compatible with it, but it does not mean they simply cut it out. Unless you have proof of them slashing out characters for this, you have no argument. Also the beta has nothing to do with the current argument, a public beta may be coming soon. Back on topic:


@ Everyone saying they don't deserve respect:

As said in my OP: sometimes things are out of their hands. The core game seems rather solid and I had a lot of fun playing it with friends locally at EVO. Just because they cant stuff the roster full due to time constraints and copyright issues, it does not make the game bad. I know some people had high hopes and are disappointed, but the ridiculous flood of complaint threads is unnecessary, and that's the issue I really wanted to get through. The comparisons to call of duty is pretty much uneducated at this point, OT but go compare Black Ops 2 to any other title in the series, it is quite different.

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