Oct 28 2012
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Breakdown of the 6 Beta Characters Levels 1/2/3

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The last round i played i was sweet tooth and i level 1 TNT Boot kicked Radec right before doing his level 2 its cool countering Lv.2 or 1 with another one.. so far i think every character has at least a few very effective supers..


Radec has 3 very good supers level 1 can target and lock on people, his level 2 is great for nice flat straight levels, and his Level 3 can get 2-6 KOS in Free For All..


Kratos has a good Level 1 when everyone is grouped it can get everyone or 1-2 but can also be interrupted and has limited range, His Level 2 is only effective when people are over your head or in close areas, and his level 3 can be dodged by inexperience players but it usually good for a few kos


Sly Cooper has 3 very effective Supers, his lv1 is similar to Kratos but can't be interrupted after the start up since murry is doing the damange, His level 2 is rocket pack bombs droping 2 bombs each time its usually good for a few kills, Level 3 is great, able to get 1-3 kos in each picture it can KO people multiple times


Fat Princess has a large rangeing level 1 good for 1-3 KOs, but can be stopped midway, Her level 2 is my favorite, riding a giant chicken dashing and kos its possible to kill sombody twice with this if done early and effective. Her level 3 is on the weaker side with the whole kingdom filling the screen with fire balls, swords and other objects, it looks cool but skilled players will dodge the attack.. good for 2-3 Kos maybe..


Sweet Tooth's Level 1 is very effective is good for one Ko and sometimes can get 2-3 if he lands in front of other players which is so satisfying when done. His Level 2 is worse in the entire game.. Its like Snakes Missile launcher in smash.. its slow hard to aim and leaves yourself vulnerable.. you feel lucky if you can hit one person, most of the time you miss and it harmlessly hits the ground.. Level 3 is best in game.. Close range Stomp, Chain Gun for range and good KO move, and rockets for players jumping over your head.. its a killing machine and i have racked up HUGE numbers with this actually getting into a 4X overtime in 2v2 with a score of 18 and 7 3 level 3s!


Parappa has an upward striking level 1 it can be used to get unique KOs but had small range and dodge able.. Level 2 is very good and my favorite you Ride on your skateboard taking out anybody in your path its faster then Fat Princess lv.2 but last shorter time.. usually clearing the field and his level 3 is only good in free-for all to get an instant 3 KO raping move which cinematic-ally impressive


Overall I like every super except Sweet Tooths Level 2 its weaker then his level 1 is IMO.. its just too hard to get Multiple kos with one rather small slow moving missile.. 

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