Apr 25 2013
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Big daddy x zooz, tips?

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Yesterday i had a match against zeus, a good zeus player.

Comparing bd with zeus, he gets more ap on each atk, his armor is stronger than bd one(to the point he win on a face-to-face), his lvl 3 is better, his dodge/roll cant even be compared to bd. And a lot others details.

So im here, making a thread, not asking to nerf zeus, but asking for some help or tips, kept in mind that bd best advantage against the others is the armor, and it doesnt work for zeus, what can i try?

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Re: Big daddy x zooz, tips?

Apr 25, 2013

-Force them into tech chases

-Whittle away at them with grounded side triangle

-stay airborne and stick to 2 combos:

   -BnB: side O (air), O, side O (air), square (air), up triangle (air)

   -Easy burst ( on grounded opponent): down square (air), triangle, down square, up square, up triangle

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