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Re: Big Daddy, Nerfs, and Quick Match Belts?

Jan 21, 2013
@Strych: No problem.
Big Daddy is a solid character, but like Jak, his character design just doesn't fit well in FFA.

Jak is a character that focuses more on hit and run and survival than racking up AP and getting more kills. As a result, in a timed FFA setting, he has trouble keeping up simply because he can't seem to build meter in as little time as his opponents do. On the plus side, he doesn't die often.

Big Daddy is much of the same way, except that instead of having so much aerial mobility, BD has Crowd control. As great as that would seem in FFA, any time you miss even one player, he's going to get multiple kills.
Now since he does have good AP gain and supers that can obliterate multiple players he's not the worst FFA character ever, but man he really does seem to have some trouble since setting anything up is like taping a "kick me" sign to your back.

I hate to tell people to switch characters, but TBH if you plan on playing a lot of ranked FFA then maybe BD isn't the way to go.

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