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Jan 20 2013
By: Asimist First Son 8 posts

Belt Bug

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Hey guys,


first sorry of my English. It isn't very well, but I hope you guys can understand me.


I had the black belt (111) on FFA and on 2v2 the brown belt (90)

My friends visit me and we played online, without points (it's called "fast game" or?)

We loose very often and after he goes, I wanted to play online. And I saw the red belt (32) and on 2v2 the red belt (22).


Why is this happen? Why I dropped so hard? I played without points. We played with Life. This is a game without points.

I am really sick about that.

It is a bug? Or how it happen?

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Monster Hunter
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Re: Belt Bug

Jan 20, 2013


You are not alone, it's happened to me and many others. I just had to work my way back up each time.

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