Nov 14 2012
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As promised, I went hunting for this game anyway

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After seeing the video kiosk at Target that falsely stated the game would release on November 6th, I promised I would return the following two Tuesday's anyway just to see if there was a chance they got an early shipment.


I've held true to my promise, but unfortunately was not able to secure a copy. I showed the Target rep the video kiosk again and played dumb, basically said hey this says the game is out the 6th, you guys got it? He actually went in the back to look for it but came out with a puzzled look on his face stating "It must have got delayed or something".


I then hit up a franchised "Play N Trade" store nearby since it is run independently, hoping they would lay copies out early. The dude said it wasnt out till the 20th so I cut the small talk and asked if he would sell me a copy now. The answer was "We probably won't get the game until Monday" so he was either telling the truth or just figured screw this guy.


So yeah, Cool story bro, but it's looking kinda grim on getting this one early. If I do find a copy I'll be sure to alert everyone who lives in the Austin area.   



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Re: As promised, I went hunting for this game anyway

Nov 14, 2012
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