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Re: Are you guys starting to like Jak's voice

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Nov 29, 2012

S-o-h-a-i-l wrote:
'Im not going to let you noobs, trolls and jerks say things you don't know what your talking about'

You'd think you made the game or something. I played and completed the games, I know as much as I needed to form an opinion on the matter, and the fact that I'm not the only person with the aforementioned opinion means there must be some validity to it. Well done for playing it multiple times, really - but it doesn't make what you say any more of a fact. If I have to play the games multiple times just to see that Jak's attitude and personality is different from what it first seemed, then something's really wrong there. To add to a previous example you used (films), I wouldn't need to watch a film again to realise a character isn't evil, or annoying or a jerk (not all these apply to Jak, just examples). Now please, just quit the argueing, I simply stated an opinion, you can disagree all you like, but it can never be wrong because's an opinion, not a misinformed fact.
This is what I've been trying to explain to him. You don't design a game with the intention that players will miss certain details the first time through and then give them no incentive to replay the game. 
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